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A Mother of Two and
Grandmother in her 60's
Learn her Non-Impact
Aerobic Breathing Workout and Her Health and Beauty Program

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What can changing the way you breathe do for you? Everything!

Learning to change the way you breathe with the LifeLift aerobic breathing technique can help you lose inches and pounds, without diets, grueling traditional exercise, workout machines, or harmful diet pills.

What is LifeLift?

Life Lift is a revolutionary, complete program for your health and well-being. It was developed by Rashelle Haines, an internationally known fitness expert, author and lecturer on subjects concerning both physical and emotional wellness as well as an international spokesperson for health and fitness products. It is the most advanced and efficient weight loss program available.

Life Lift is not low impact, it is NO impact, except in delivering results. Life Lift is an aerobic breathing program that combines stretching and flexing muscles in a way that will give you maximum body sculpting results.

Life Lift is a healthy alternative for everyone. If you are tired of traditional exercise that stresses the skeletal structure you will love Life Lift!

If you are tired of traditional exercise that stresses the skeletal structure You will love Life Lift! Life Lift is an ideal fitness program for those with physical limitations, yet it is fantastic for athletes. It is great for everyone, including children!

What makes LifeLift so unique?

Many things. LifeLift can be done anywhere at home, sitting at your computer, in your shower, while driving in your car.

It only takes 15 to 20 minutes per day to achieve noticeable results.

We offer programs designed for all ages from children to the elderly. It is a perfect program for everyone!

LifeLift is Logical

LifeLift makes complete sense. It is based on the scientific principal that oxygen is the fuel that burns fat. The LifeLift aerobic breathing videos will teach you to increase your oxygen intake. By doing this you can increase your capacity for fat/calorie burning by boosting your metabolism.

Results speak for themselves!

By combining the powerful LifeLift breathing technique, with flexing and contracting of all major muscle groups, LifeLift produces results, far more effectively than any other program. Testimonials from tens of thousands of our Life Lift students speak to the dramatic results.

The Life Lift System will help you trim, tone and lose unwanted inches, quickly and easily, in only 15 to 20 minutes per day with the power of healing oxygen. You will learn how oxygen works in your body to get rid of unwanted fat by simply following the step-by-step, detailed instructions on the Life Lift original video. From there you will graduate to your choice of one or all of the workout videos. Your Original Life Lift video also includes an exceptional Natural Acupressure Face Lift Technique.

You can workout right along with Rashelle or you can create your own workout using the simple techniques and body sculpting positions Rashelle will teach you in the original Life Lift video. It is so simple anyone can do it. It is not complicated and it feels very natural and nurturing to your body, so it is easy to stay with it.

Even children do LifeLift to make it a family event to look forward to each day.

Rashelle created The Oxygen Zoo workout video just for children and their families. This is a very special video for the whole family that is designed to help the children in your life learn healthy habits for their lifetime.

You will feel like you have your own private, personal trainer in your own home with Rashelle. Many have commented on her positive, nurturing personality in the Life Lift videos. It has been said many times that Rashelle makes you feel like she is right there with you, encouraging you to be the best you can be.

Rashelle will be there with you every step of the way to make sure you are getting he most out of your workouts. It's perfect for every age group.

LifeLift is safe, fun and over and over those who have tried the rest have voted LifeLift the best exercise breathing video available!

LifeLift will change your life, one breath at a time!

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