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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between MASKING and BODY WRAP? I was checking out the products and was trying to remember what products were used and what they did for others...body wrap versus masking....and does anyone use them in conjunction

A: There is a big difference between the Body Wrap Products and the Masking Kit. They are both great, but they do totally different things. The Body Wrap products are used to eliminate inches and toxins and firm up the skin. Many people have said they noticed a tremendous improvement in the reduction of stretch marks and cellulite as well. The Body Wrap set consists of three products.

This is what they are and what they do:

Cellulite and Fat Reduction Cream. Used in the early part of the day since it seems to give many people a lot of energy as well as helping to reduce the inches and smooth out the skin. It is a formula that was tested in Europe for several years. The tests showed a significant decrease in fat and cellulite resulting in inch and in many cases actual weight loss. I was told by the chemist that the reason many people feel energetic is the Kola nut stimulates which is one of the reasons for fat loss.

Night Magic. This is the same formula that was used in my Salon for Herbal Body Wraps. It has been created in Gel form for ease of use at home. It is incredible. It is excellent to apply any time, day or night. Night time use is perfect because your body is relaxed and warm which allows the herbs to get into and do the job of dissolving toxins and fat. It is extremely important to drink plenty of water when using these products to insure that the the toxins and fat that are dissolved are flushed out of your body properly.

Herbal Face and Body Wash. This can be used any time of the day or night on any part of your body or you face. It is the most remarkable cleanser I have found. The reason we use it before the Body Wrap products is because it does a great job of cleansing out all impurities from the pores, allowing the other products to get in and do their job. This is a product that most have their whole families hooked on. The re-orders on this product tell it all. It is extremely concentrated, aloe and herbs, no water so it lasts a long time. It is very gentle on the skin so it is excellent for those with very sensitive skin. I am one of those so I know. Most soaps and cleansers create an allergic reaction. This does not.

You may have heard Wanda raving about it. I have many similar testimonials on the web site and I personally cannot imagine a day without using these products.

The Masking Kit can be used on your hands, face and entire body. It is my number one favorite product, without question. It consists of 2 parts. The masking powder and the liquid activator. You create a thin paste and apply it to the skin. It will dry very quickly. You can leave it on for 5 minutes or 30 minutes. You should see a significant difference in the firmness, color and texture of your skin very quickly. I can see a difference each time I use it. I use it almost every day. It makes my face look younger and fresher in a very short time and eliminates any tired look I may wake up with. My face will look great all day after using it. I test each product personally and also do testing on others before I will ever carry it in my line.

I only have things on my web site that I personally use and have a strong enthusiasm for.

Many people do use them in conjunction, including me. I always use the masking kit on my body when I am planning to wear a bathing suit or summer clothes that will expose my skin. I see such a difference quickly that it really makes me look forward to it. The only thing about using the masking kit on your body is that it requires you to be undressed for a short period with the masking kit applied. It is worth it to me, but some people get a little impatient with the process. Your face is different. I usually put it on while I am at the computer or doing other things.

Both sets are on sale right now. They will not be on the 50% Clearance because I am not eliminating them from the line. The Lipogel Antiox and the Hydrogel Toner are fantastic products as well as the others. I am only discontinuing them because of difficulty in getting my orders filled by the company who creates them. Fortunately I don't have this problem with the other two cosmetic chemists who create my other products for me.

I sure hope this answers your questions. Please let me know if you need more. Take good care, Rashelle

Q: How do I use the Body Wrap treatments?

A: I often use the NIGHT MAGIC twice a day and the CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION CREAM only in the morning. The reason, the CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION CREAM actually stimulates the fat to leave the body and converts the fat to energy. The biochemist explained that is why some people get really energetic when they use it. I suggest not apply after say one in the afternoon. The NIGHT MAGIC can be used any time. By the way, for those of you who are using the Body Wrap products, during your LifeLift workout is a great time to apply your CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION CREAM or NIGHT MAGIC. What a great combination that is for speeding up your results! I have used the spandex bike shorts before with the BODY WRAP products and they are great. You can often find them for very inexpensive prices and they work just fine. The other thing that works well is tight sweat pants. It was cold in my house when I came in a few minutes ago, so I put on warm cozy sweats and rubbed the NIGHT MAGIC on my tummy and waist. OOOOOh it feels so good. I find this a perfect time to do the warm sweat pants and top with the NIGHT MAGIC. I did the CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION CREAM after my bath this morning so this is a good time to use the NIGHT MAGIC again. Then I can still do it again before bed. Don't forget, you can just rub it on too if you don't have time to bother with special short, warm sweats or anything else. You will just magnify results by using the other clothes to warm your body and open your pores. Take care, Rashelle

Q: I've been using the BODY WRAP creams, day and night. I'm sleeping with the NIGHT MAGIC on my face, and just like it's been said on the list, I do see and feel a tightening in my face in two days- wow. My eyes are saggy with the extra weight coming off, but I've been avoiding the eye area for safety. Can I use it on the lids too? Also, how does it react under makeup? Leslie

A: I say put it anywhere you want to shrink, firm or tighten. I use it on my face every night to keep my cheeks sculpted and to keep the double chin away. Yes, you can put the NIGHT MAGIC around your eyes. The reason it is not good to put most creams around your eyes is because the tissues around your eyes are very sensitive and delicate. Most moisture creams are created to draw the moisture to your skin, which is great in other areas of your face, but around your eyes it can cause puffiness. I have seen people who have big bags under their eyes from rubbing the wrong moisture cream around the eye area. You are right to ask for that reason. I only suggest the EYE MAG C RENEWAL CREAM, the one in my line has Vitamin C added which is incredible for preventing and repairing the skin. The NIGHT MAGIC is a gel, has humectants qualities, (drawing in moisture), instead is created with ingredients to firm, tighten and release toxins. It works beautifully under makeup. You can use the products as naturally as your own skin since the ingredients are mostly natural herbs, and wonderful seaweed which helps release the fat. Yippee! As for your question about the BUST ENHANCER, if you find that you are increasing in size then just rub around the outer area of the breast to lift and firm. You may want to alternate with the NIGHT MAGIC if you want to decrease your breasts and lift too.

Q: Rashelle, is it your body wash that you recommended to remove the little red bumps that some people get on the backs of their arms.

A: Yes, it is the ALOE AND HERBAL FACE & BODY WASH that works for that problem. I have found it to be excellent for that and it leaves your skin feeling like silk. Take care, Rashelle

Q: I'm wondering if doing Life Lift as my only form of regular exercise will sufficiently increase my endurance and stamina to participate in other sports or exercises, on an occasional basis. I love to water ski and spend a great majority of my summer aboard our houseboat on Shasta Lake. In the past, I used to walk or run a minimum of 8 miles a day. I found that is was a direct contributor to my being able to have the strength to water ski, hike, etc. I'm getting a little worried that I haven't been able to do the running and walking, in that I may not be able to do the summer sports that I truly enjoy. Tami

A: Hi Tami, This really is a great question and I am certain that you will love the answer. One of the biggest benefits of Life Lift is that it does increase your strength, stamina and endurance better than anything else could. What Life Lift does is magnify the results of any other activity you do. Love, Rashelle

Q: Why should you use CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION CREAM in the early part of the day?

A: The reason the CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION CREAM gives energy is partially the green tea, but also it is the Kola nut, it stimulates the fat to convert to energy. It is all a very good thing. Nothing harmful there, only good vital energy. Kind of like doing LifeLift and wondering where the fat goes if you lose an inch in a workout. Where does it go? Well it is converted to energy, that is why everyone feels so much more alive. Licorice and vitamin E, Jojoba oil and Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) are some of the reasons you are enjoying skin that feels like silk. Studies have shown that Vitamin E helps eliminate fat from the body. Know one seems to know why, they just know it works. Licorice helps detoxify the body. Seaweed breaks up the fat, Horse Chestnut is often used to increase circulation, you will see it used in products to reduce spider veins. The increased circulation is another reason for the increased energy. Some of the other ingredients are Butcher's broom, yarrow, and sage. In studies done it was found that the composition found in the CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION CREAM composed of a special blend of botanicals extracted with a unique process which guarantees optimal content of iodine, Theorphylline, and Theobromine offered results not found in other Cellulite creams tested. It is the combination of these ingredients along with the ingredients in the NIGHT MAGIC GEL that are creating the kind of wonderful results you are hearing everyone rave about day after day. Take care, Rashelle

Q: I'm thinking about buying the body wrap. I would like to know more about it. How does it work? Liz

A: It consists of 3 products. The first is the CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION CREAM. You apply it like a body cream to any area where you want to firm and tighten the skin, eliminate fat and inches, reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, or unsightly skin. You can either just put your clothes on and go, or you can use leggings, girdle, saran wrap or something to keep your body warm if you want to accelerate the results. At night you use the NIGHT MAGIC gel, which contains the same herbs that I used in the Herbal Body Wraps in my salons. The herbs dissolve the toxins in the fat cells, so they have a similar effect that the CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION CREAM does, but it uses a different method, so you are magnifying the overall results by combing them as a system. The HERBAL FACE AND BODY WASH is very important to the process because it unplugs the pores to allow the other products to get in and do the best job in eliminating the inches. This BODY WRAP program is fabulous combined with Life Lift because it seems to work better when you are oxygenating your body, and relaxing it with Life Lift. My experience has been that my students who used the Body Wrap products along with Life Lift achieved superior results and also where happier overall because of the dramatic improvement in skin tightening and firming along with the inch and weight loss. I have used the products faithfully for several years and I would not give them up for anything. I feel my skin on my body is in much better shape because of my dedication to using the BODY WRAP system. Love, Rashelle

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