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I just finished washing my hair with Rashelle's wonderful shampoo and conditioner. I just finished my first bottle of each the shampoo and conditioner. I really like it a lot. My hair is now really soft and shiny! It is growing too. I have added more of the Udo's oil to my diet. I am also taking the MSM. I think those two things are making it grow, the shampoo and conditioner are keeping it from breaking off I think. Since following Rashelle's directions on hair care products I am able to go several days without washing my hair. It looks like I have washed and fixed it, but I don't need to. I just put on some of Rashelle's CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION BODY CREAM. I put some on my thighs, then put on some panty hose. It is quite tingly and smells very nice too. Just had to comment because the tingly feeling really had my attention! :-) Good to know it is working I have also tried her face and body wash. That is simply wonderful! I have the night cream around here somewhere. My little one thought the bottle looked like it belonged to her or something. I haven't gone through all her purses to find it yet, but, it is on the missing list! When I find it, I will report. So far though, the products are just as wonderful as Rashelle herself!


Hi Rashelle, As a licensed esthetician and former spa owner, I have tried some of the world's best skin care products. I am always looking for the next cutting edge product line and have used your skin care products and find it to be a "top of the line" skin care system. These products have latest technology ingredients and delivery systems. They actually make visible changes in your skin. My compliments to you and your product chemists!

Jean Rea
Cary NC

I have been using the NIGHT MAGIC herbal wrap and I just love it!!! My lower stomach at last is toning up. Doing LifeLift and using this herbal wrap has done wonders. My husband last night said what are you doing to get so firmed up and I didn't tell him my secret, kept him wondering!!! But I love this herbal wrap. My skin is so soft and firm in my lower stomach and butt and my pants are getting looser around the waist. I can't hardly believe the difference in only a week. I have been trying so hard to firm this lower stomach for years. Nothing seemed to work. LifeLift helps but combined that with the herbal wrap and finally getting the results I want.


Just wanted to let everyone who has the Vitamin K cream in on some additional uses of this amazing stuff. I was at a conference where it was introduced about 2 (maybe 3) years ago. It was a big hit. I saw some amazing pictures and have had some for my personal use since then.

Use it prior to any surgery that will cause bruising. It was greatly diminish the bruising after surgery.
Use it as soon as you get a bump that you know will cause bruising. It will prevent or diminish the bruising.
Use on any skin trauma, such as a fist fight (I know, not us, but maybe our kids) to prevent bruising and increase healing.
In summary, Vitamin K cream can be used on the skin to prevent discoloration from blood underneath the skin caused by anything!

Jean Rea

You have sold me on yet another product. That being the bust enhancer cream! Not only does it smell and feel like a little piece of heaven, it actually works. I am a bigger breasted woman and I noticed a bit of sagging due to the weight loss. I am starting to firm up on the sides of my breast and I have noticed they are softer. Does it exfoliate the dead skin? I do skin brushing but not on my breasts. They are way too sensitive! I have also noticed that my stretch marks are slowly becoming a thing of the past too. Wow, what a great product!!!!!!!


I've just gotten to try some of the new products. I love them and wanted to share with you. I used the FACE, BODY AND HAND MASKING SYSTEM this morning. It goes on easy but it's the results that count, right. It tightened my pores really nicely without making my face feel tight, rather it left it feeling like silk. That's not the best part. I always wear a mineral foundation to cover the red capillaries that have started to show up on my cheeks and nose. I didn't even realize until I went to apply the powder that I wasn't red. I LOVE that. How often should/can we use it?
Next I used the CROWNING GLORY hair shampoo & conditioner. I have long hair and was surprised at how little I needed. It just slid through my hair and rinsed out easily. I put the conditioner on while I shaved, etc (with FACE & BODY WASH, of course!). My hair is fine and tangles if I breathe (and I do breathe). I need a conditioner but can't stand if they weigh my hair down. Even after using conditioners, I always have to spray a detangler on to keep from pulling all my hair out on the comb through. Not today. My hair feels wonderful. I think this might even help keep the tangles away. I really love these new products. Rashelle, you've done it again.

Kate :~)

Just want to report on my experience with the Haines Body System. Last night I took a nice warm bath and did my LifeLift workout while soaking in the bubbles. Then, I used the Rashelle's ALOE AND HERBAL FACE & BODY WASH. It made my skin feel so clean and smooth, removing all of the yucky dried skin, and exfoliating the cells. I wasn't sure if I was gonna like it, because I have very sensitive, dry skin and usually these types of body cleansers are too drying and perfumed for me to tolerate. But this was simply not the case. I should be ashamed at myself, being so skeptical, but there you have it. Next, I dried off and applied the NIGHT MAGIC and called it a day. When I got up, I couldn't believe my skin! So smooth, like a new born baby! And nicely firm. I knew right then and there, this was truly a far superior system than I had ever tried before. And let me tell you, I have used the best. I was so excited, that I decided to put on my tightest leggings and a thermal tight shirt, with the CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION BODY CREAM. Heavenly!!! All day long, every where I went, I could smell the incredible underlying scent that reminds me of strawberries and cream. Not too sweet, perfectly balanced and oh so feminine! But here's the best part. I striped off the layer of leggings, in that the weather is nearing summer temperatures here, and I couldn't believe my eyes. One day and a definite reduction in that ugly cellulite. I was really, really skeptical as to the validity of the claims made about this product, but I'm a true believer now! Rashelle, you never cease to amaze me! Thanks so much for all the work you have gone to in order to bring such a superior product at such affordable prices! I'll never go back to the old stuff, and if you're thinking of giving it a try, I'd definitely recommend it! The products are very concentrated, so you most certainly get your money's worth, and you just can't buy a better product, at any price! Just thought I'd let you know! And once again, no, I'm not being paid to say these things, just happy to share the great results of such wonderful products!


As for the VITAMIN K CREAM. I don't know about any other brand. I have only tried Rashelle's brand and it is working for me. I have had dark circles under my eyes since I can remember. I have always used a lot of under eye concealer to deal with it. These are going away. I keep looking at my spider veins in my legs. They are on my upper thighs too. I look at them closely to see if it is working. It really does seem to be working. It looks to me that the mess of them is getting better. It doesn't look like there are so many of them anymore. They are still there, they just seem to be disappearing. The smaller ones seem to be going first.


I use the ALOE AND HERBAL FACE & BODY WASH and love it. Seems like it leaves my skin soft and subtle, not dried out or greasy. Just the right balance. I have large pores, and have noticed people commenting on my "makeup" looking so nice lately. heehe I just love it!!!


I tried the FACE, BODY AND HAND MASKING SYSTEM last night for the first time. Wow! It really tightens quickly. And my skin felt so new afterwards. All of the dead skin was gone. I put a little moisturizer on afterwards, and my skin feels so smooth this morning. I really would recommend it!


I just received my FACE, BODY AND HAND MASKING SYSTEM and wanted to tell you all how truly wonderful it is. I started by applying it to my face, then noticing that I had some left, applied to my hands and toes also. I was planning to wear open toes shoes and figure one can never have too beautiful of feet. I couldn't really believe that it was my skin because I am such an avid gardener. I rarely use gloves, just me and the soil. And my toes, oh my goodness, they were so soft, I couldn't wait to paint them.


How much I love my LARGE BODY WRAP KIT I bought from Rashelle. It is truly worth every penny. My favorite is the HERBAL BODY WASH and the NIGHT MAGIC. I ordered 3 kits, and I know that I will be ordering again. The NIGHT MAGIC makes my skin feel sooooo good and I just love the smell. It is so wonderful. Well, thanks for listening to me tell you how I like my new products.


My Body Wrap Trio package arrived the other day. I sure did miss the Body Wrap products! What a difference they make!


I am anxious to try the FACE, BODY AND HAND MASKING set. I have been amazed by the other products I have used so far. The HERBAL BODY WRAP has really made a visible difference on the pregnancy stretch marks I have had for eight years. The workout video has helped my weak stomach muscles from a c-section from that same pregnancy. I also think the LifeLift method has helped me cope with some depression I have been experiencing during the last few months following the death of my brother and his two children in a train accident. I truly believe the "angels" led me to your website.

Gay Lynn Baade

The ALOE AND HERBAL FACE & BODY WASH. It takes me a little more than a drop, like Rashelle said, but a little does go a long way and leaves me feeling soooo clean. I have really oily skin and terrible acne, you guys have no idea how many kinds of face washes I've gone through trying to find that clean but not over stripped and not still greasy feeling. And now I have. As for the CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION BODY CREAM and other products... I have to report that in just the three days I've been using them, my stretch marks are completely absent in some places (thanks, bust enhancer!) and quickly fading in others. My hips actually don't look like road maps now. My lower abs were doing this really gross thing where they were loose and kind of sagged down... Doing LifeLift was making everything smaller, but that didn't get any tighter, and now they look almost normal. I'm excited to see what my official results are next Mon, after they've had a full week to work, because just on my third day I'm seeing little results in the mirror.


Dear Rashelle, I just love your skin care products. The vitamin therapy is wonderful and I was so happy with how fast I saw a difference in my skin.

Nancy N. S.R. Ml

I have been using the herbal wrap products for a few weeks now and my skin is feeling great. I have lost inches around my waist and hips thanks to the NIGHT MAGIC GEL and the fat reduction cream. I use the NIGHT MAGIC GEL before I go to bed at night and I usually just wear sweats and a t-shirt to bed. Sometimes leggings though which really helps. I do drink more water now than I used to because I really felt the need to when I first started the products. I use the ALOE AND HERBAL FACE & BODY WASH in the mornings and I just love it. I also do a skin brushing technique that helps release those bad toxins. I just put the fat reduction cream on after my shower on certain areas that I want to see cellulite go bye bye. I use it lightly on my thighs and hips mainly. These areas are much softer to the touch. Try it and I don't think you will be sorry. Aren't we worth it?

Michele S.

I tried the VITAMIN K CREAM that Rashelle has in her skin care line. It works!!! Last night I put it on under my eyes before I went to bed. I have had dark circles under my eyes since I was a child really. It used to be so bad that people thought I had black eyes. I have tried so many different products over the years that have not worked. I am pleased to say that I definitely saw a difference this morning in this area. It's such a relief to know that I have found a great skin care line! FINALLY!


I have tried many of Rashelle's skin products. All of them I have tried I have re-ordered. That is saying something, since I have shelves of half used jars that I just can't bring myself to throw away because they cost so much! I have re-ordered her SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER a couple of times. Again, I have tried most all of the salon stuff because both my sister and mother-in-law are hair dressers and have tried just about everything to help me to grow long beautiful hair. My hair just breaks off, so, I really don't ever need a haircut. Just a trim to even out all the breakage. Since using Rashelle's hair stuff, my hair has stopped clogging up the drain when washing my hair and it seems to have stopped breaking.

The CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION BODY CREAM really seems to be getting rid of the surface fat. I have re-ordered it too. I just got my first order of the Vitamin K cream. I have been using it for about two weeks. Again, I plan to re-order this stuff. The veins that have driven me to never show my legs in public are going away!!!!! Yes, after 20 years of hiding my legs, I am going to be able to show them this summer! My dark circles that have been with me since childhood are lightening up too. If anyone is having trouble with any of these problems. I think that these products are keepers. They are on my re-order list.


I saw quick results during with the Body Wrap Trio the first week of use. A lot of my cellulite is gone but I also do a lot of stretches for this area. I also use it on other parts of my body and I have noticed differences there too. Stretch marks on my hips are almost gone now.


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