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A Mother of Two and
Grandmother in her 60's
Learn her Non-Impact
Aerobic Breathing Workout and Her Health and Beauty Program

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Rashelle Haines

Rashelle Haines will be 60 this year. She is the mother of two grown daughters and a grandmother of six.

As a child she was diagnosed with a terminal illness and told that her life would never be normal and that she would always be limited. She refused to accept these opinions. At the age of 19 she began a quest to find a way to become healthy.

She started working out in the gym and after years of grueling work she looked good, was a spokes-model for several companies, yet still felt sick most of the time.

Not until she started doing aerobic breathing in 1980 did she build her immune system so that she felt healthy and full of energy. Today at the age of 60, she feels blessed to be a vigorous, healthy woman.


Rashelle's Beauty Regimen

Rashelle's Easy Steps to Beautiful Hair

Would you like to meet Rashelle right now?
Click here to view her upcoming TV AD

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She is in the best shape of her life. The only exercise she does is her LifeLift aerobic breathing, often while she is at her computer, in her shower, or driving her car. She feels certain that aerobic breathing is the exercise of the present and of the future. Traditional aerobics have become obsolete.

Rashelle will not tell you wild stories about how she weighed 200 pounds and lost it with LifeLift. What she will tell you, are the stories of the thousands of people just like you who have attained truly amazing results using her program.

The LifeLift aerobic breathing video is being used successfully by people from all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Italy, South Africa, Japan, China, the West Indies, Sweden, Canada and the U.S.A.

She combines her LifeLift aerobic breathing technique with her cellulite and fat reduction body and skin care products to maintain the silky soft skin of a baby and to keep her skin firm and cellulite free. She recommends them to speed up your inch and weight loss and to feel wonderful.

Rashelle at home in the year 2000, at age 56


Rashelle has traveled the country for over 20 years helping others learn how to build and create their dreams, showing them the way to make them real. She has been an international spokes-model and she has been called an exercise guru by many, yet she still maintains the most important things in her daily life are her relationships with those she cares about. This includes her LifeLifter's. Many have commented on the consistent personal attention she gives to all of her devoted LifeLifter's.

Her workshops are dedicated to helping others build self-love and feelings of self-worth. Her workshops are filled with wonderful, endearing stories, laughter and those attending are often moved to tears. She has been referred to as a creator and motivator.

She is the author of the Victory Theory and Healthy Food for Your Mind. Both are being used by people from all walks of life, many just like you who report these motivational, inspirational programs have changed their lives.

Rashelle doing LifeLift

Rashelle doing LifeLift

Rashelle doing LifeLift

Rashelle doing LifeLift at home March 1999

Rashelle practices what she teaches. Many know Rashelle from the character she created for her original children's stories, Crystal the Magic Princess. Rashelle created the character to tell her stories for children with special needs in hospitals, homeless shelters and child abuse centers such as Child Help USA. She spreads messages of hope and love to all she meets. One of her favorite messages from the Crystal Princess is this, "It is not me or my magic wand that makes your wishes come true, it is the magic inside of you."

Rashelle has conducted fund raisers for children's charities and continues to donate to children in need. She has been recognized for her efforts to comfort children who have lost a loved one with her story "Jimmy's Last Wish" which was originally created in 1983 for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

She was honored in 1988 by the Mrs. America/Utah pageant as "Outstanding Woman of the Year" for her work with the sick, dying, homeless and abused children all over the country. She was honored again in 1994 by the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce B.W.N. for her efforts to help those in need, particularly children.

She has also written over 30 original children's stories that focus on building feelings of self-love and positive self-esteem in children of all ages. Tens of thousands of her Life Lift videos are being used all over the world. These videos include the most popular of her children's stories, "Sugar Shawn the Snow White Fawn." This story was included to remind her students that positive thoughts build a positive life. She has received messages from as far away as Greece thanking her for her uplifting story at the end of the Original Life Lift video.

"Like all of you I want to look and feel terrific at any age-without dieting. I want a program for my health and beauty that is really do-able. I want love, peace, serenity, prosperity and joy. I have found the tools that have helped me to achieve many of my dreams and now I bring them to you. I have seen incredible things happen for thousands using these tools." There is no reason why the same cannot happen for you.

Dreams that are nurtured and encouraged have a power that is unbelievable. Your dreams if fed will come alive!

Rashelle Haines


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