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One of the great things about doing LifeLift is there are no rules as to when you need to do it. Some do it in the morning, some at night, some just add it in to their daily schedule. The best thing is to do what feels best to you. There are many who love the way it makes them feel so much that they do more than one workout a day. The good news is that you can't do too much.

I do it while I am sitting here at the computer, just do a sitting pelvic tilt and breathe. I also do it in the shower, while driving, and any other time I can think of when I am doing other things. Today I did some planting in my yard and did LifeLift breaths as I walked around doing the work. The more you do it, the more you speed your metabolism up, and the more fat you burn.

Take care,

Q: I'm wondering if doing LifeLift as my only form of regular exercise will sufficiently increase my endurance and stamina to participate in other sports or exercises, on an occasional basis. I love to water ski and spend a great majority of my summer aboard our houseboat on Shasta Lake. In the past, I used to walk or run a minimum of 8 miles a day. I found that is was a direct contributor to my being able to have the strength to water ski, hike, etc. I'm getting a little worried that I haven't been able to do the running and walking, in that I may not be able to do the summer sports that I truly enjoy. Tami

A: Hi Tami, This really is a great question and I am certain that you will love the answer. One of the biggest benefits of LifeLift is that it DOES increase your strength, stamina and endurance better than anything else could. What LifeLift does is magnify the results of any other activity you do. Love, Rashelle

Q: I love the way LifeLift makes you feel so fresh and full of vibrant energy. I like it most because it makes you feel healthy and look good. I would love to know how it works in more detail (a more biological explanation). I like to know exactly what's happening in my body. Thanks! Heidi

A: Dear Heidi: It works because when you do the final step you are trapping oxygen in a partial vacuum in your diaphragm and when you cannot hold your breath any longer and inhale, oxygen floods your bloodstream. Aerobic means to get oxygen into the bloodstream to convert to fuel to burn fat. At the same time when you flex or stretch a muscle the oxygen will rush to that point of stress to heal. Thus you will tone and firm that muscle. That is why the body flexing positions are so great. You can actually sculpt your body to be the way you want it. Good luck and my best wishes, Rashelle

Q: I was wondering if it is possible to lose fat just by doing the breathing exercises. Susie

A: Yes, you can burn fat just with LifeLift and no flexes. When you do the LifeLift breathing you are flooding your body with oxygen. It is the oxygen that burns fat. One of the beauties of LifeLift is that you don't have to think about fat loss if you don't want to.

Just enjoy the wonderful way you feel when you create that lovely "endorphin high" that leaves you feeling so great. There are so many benefits to doing LifeLift that the loss of inches and fat is icing on the cake. The reality is that if you are doing the LifeLift regularly you will help your body function better in all ways and when your body is "happy" and working right it will look great too! It would be good if everyone would focus on the basic benefits of LifeLift, such as building the immune system and healing with oxygen, and let the weight and inch loss come naturally. Be good to yourself and do what makes YOU feel good. Yours, Rashelle

Q: My friend has your tape and I saw what it did for her. She's 54 and looks and feels younger. I've tried everything to lose weight but your tape is an answer to my prayers. Colleen

A: Dear Colleen: Thank you so much for taking the time to send such an uplifting message. It has always amazed and thrilled me to see that after using LifeLift for only a short time many people look like they have had a face-lift. When I first started teaching LifeLift many years ago I would run into someone who was doing LifeLift and I would think to myself that they must have had something dramatic done to themselves. After seeing the same results on several people in a row I started to realize that LifeLift not only retards the aging process, it actually seems to reverse it.

Every one is looking for the fountain of youth, and all they need to do is learn to breathe right.

Isn't it wonderful to know that all you need is your own body to get the best workout in the world? Yours, Rashelle

Q: Hello! I have a question about your technique. I am "spoon-shaped" or "pear-shaped"...small breasts, small waist... but my thighs (below my panty line) and my gluts are very large ... HUGE ... GIANT ... and I am only 5'1...so they look even larger! I am overweight by about 40 lbs. (have whittled down from a much larger size)...but even at goal weight, I am three sizes larger at the bottom than top. I know this form of breathing works wonders on the waistline...but will it work on the bottom half of one's body? Thanks so much! Diahava

A: Dear Diahava: It sounds like you have the same situation many of the women I have worked with have. The pear-shaped body is something that traditional exercise seems to do nothing for, yet if you read the testimonials on the back of the video from Hilary King Flye and Helen Strodl, they both had the same problem. Helen lost over 16 inches in a few months all off her hips and thighs and has maintained for almost 10 years using only LifeLift. Hilary states that even though she "pounded herself to exhaustion in the gym" that she was never able to eliminate the inches from her pear-shaped bottom until LifeLift. LifeLift is so great for your body type because you can do positions that I teach in the video that draw the oxygen to the point of stress where you flex the hips and thighs and it trims those areas and can bring your body into proportion. I wish you thin, beautiful thighs and hips, and lots of happiness. Yours, Rashelle

Q: I am starting to see results. I was getting discouraged, I'm one of those people who likes to see instant results and I know I need to be a little more patient. I have noticed more energy and not needing the caffeine as much in the mornings as a jump start. When I do LifeLift, I can make it through the morning without that usual dose of coffee. Yeah, that's a very good thing. Have a great day! Freedom

A: Most often people see results very quickly, but, there are some people who lose slower than others. All it takes is a little patience and a lot of oxygen with LifeLift to get you going. Along the way you will enjoy many other benefits. Your body will be healing and regenerating. Love, Rashelle

Q: I ordered the video and was wondering if the workout is following the video each time. Most of the other breathing videos (Bodyflex and Oxycise) are 15 minute workouts and LifeLift is 53 minutes? Thanks for any help on this. Rhonda

A: Hi Rhonda: The video is 53 minutes long to give you many choices of positions to do and also to give you some added inspiration to take into your workout. Once you have the technique and positions down you can choose the ones that focus on the parts you are interested in changing, and create your own workout. The face-lift in the video is something I also feel is important. You want your face to get exercise too, so you look and feel great all over.

Your actual workout will last 15 to 20 minutes depending on how many times you change positions and how long each full repetition or breath takes you personally. Once you reach your goal you will only need to do 5 or 10 minutes 2 or 3 times a week for maintenance.

Because of requests and questions like yours, I am creating a whole new set of videos, some of which are straight workout videos with no instruction in the LifeLift technique. Take good care of yourself. Yours, Rashelle

Q: I recently purchased your video and have been doing the program (40 breaths a day) for about 4 days now. The question that I have is.....When I do the program, I cough a lot and spit up phlegm during the exercise. Is this normal or not, please explain. I do have allergies but take my Claritin everyday. I am curious if others have experienced this and if so what the reason behind it is. Pam

A: Dear Pam: This is a very common question. It is a very positive thing. You are cleaning out your lungs and strengthening them. The lungs react to all of this wonderful oxygen by expelling toxins and doing an internal cleanse. One reason people with asthma love LifeLift so much is that they find that the lungs become so much healthier in such a short period of time that it can dramatically change their lives.

Often I have worked with people who have allergies and colds and for a short while they experience just what you are describing. Within a very short time they feel stronger, and more alive, and find it so much easier to breathe. Keep breathing, your body is responding well to LifeLift. Keep up the good work. Yours, Rashelle

Q: I have an 83-year-old mother who has leaking heart valves and problems with her legs. Is this something she will be able to do as well? Thanks, Loretta

A: Dear Loretta: I always suggest that anyone with such health problems consult their doctor. I would take the video to your doctor and have him or her review it. I have been asked by many doctors to work with their patients and the results have been often near miraculous, so I would love to hear that it has helped your Mother regain her health. I created a special program for my 80-year-old Father when he was in the hospital recovering from stomach cancer and the doctors and nurses were all for it, telling us to keep him doing it. I am happy to say that he is like a walking miracle, home and doing well only a few months after his surgery. Good luck to you both. It is wonderful for you to show such caring for your Mother. Yours, Rashelle

Q: I was wondering, when you hold your breath, how long do you hold it? I should be getting my video either today or tomorrow! I'm so excited! Danielle

A: Hi Danielle, When going through the LifeLift video it is best to stay with the timing. The reason for this is that I am working to keep it as slow and precise as possible to help your body assimilate the oxygen in the best possible way. When you are doing the LifeLift breaths without the positions, say driving, or at the computer, you can hold your breath as long as you can comfortably. You are working on flooding your body with oxygen more than doing target exercises for specific body areas. This is excellent for keeping the oxygen flow to keep your metabolism working at optimum level. Love, Rashelle

Q: Thank you Rashelle for finding info and getting me my videos out. I wanted to tell you earlier that last month was a one year anniversary with LifeLift AND........I can not believe this ...I went back to last year's measurements and compared them. I have lost a total of 32 inches overall. Can you believe this. I am ecstatic! The only 2 areas that are not coming off is the waist and under my bra area. That's mainly the reason I wanted to get the other videos. Maybe working with these may help. I love all your videos and can't wait to get these last ones I ordered. My husband loves you and what LifeLift has done to my figure and stamina. He sees a tremendous difference in my looks as well as skin and hair along with energy. Thanks Rashelle words are not enough to express how I feel. I work out every morning to your videos and feel I know that beautiful angel God has sent into my living room! Have a safe trip and take care of yourself. Yours, Debbie T

A: Dearest Debbie, I can't imagine waking up to a more wonderful message from a more wonderful person. Thank You. I find that just doing the LifeLift breaths works the mid section area and usually shrinks it. I am trying to think of something that you can do to work that more. Perhaps this will work. Stand up straight and reach one arm over your head. Now circle it with your lower arm and hand, like you are creating a halo over your head. Now slowly bend to the side, as if you are trying to touch the opposite side of the floor with your fingertips. May sure the movement is very slow and smooth so you don't stress your back. Now do a LifeLift breath. Alternate sides with each breath. Try this and let me know if it helps. Please tell your husband I said thank you. Love, Rashelle

Q: How difficult is it for an ex-smoker to perform LifeLift? Tamarus

A: Dear Tamarus: It is not difficult for a smoker, or an ex-smoker. It is a simple, easy and enjoyable breathing technique for anyone. I have had many smokers actually quit even when they did not try because it made their lungs feel so strong and clear and clean that they could not stand the feeling of the smoke anymore. If you have smoked in the past it can be especially beneficial to build up your lungs and strengthen them. Good for you that you quit smoking! I know that it can be difficult and I commend you for it! Yours, Rashelle

Q: You recommend 40 repetitions for each exercise in order to have maximum results. However it is taking me more than an hour a day. Please advise. Thank you. Anna

A: Dear Anna: The 40 repetitions is the total number of exercises, rather than for each position. This usually only takes about 20 minutes to do. After you have learned to do LifeLift correctly, including the positions, it is best to pick only one, two or three positions a day and do10 or more of each, for a total of 40. This way the oxygen will be focused on certain body parts and you will get more of a body sculpting result. Your waist and ribcage will always be a target for the oxygen to burn off the fat since part of the LifeLift is to flex the midsection. Good luck. Yours, Rashelle

Q: Hi!! I have just received my LifeLift Video and I am really excited about it!! I do have a question though. On the "pah" exhalation...should my "abs" be contracted or relaxed? (Should they be pulled in at the "pah" point?) or do I just wait until I do the lift and then pull them in? I really want to learn it the right way. Thanks, Dee

A: Hello Dee: When you do the pah you should feel a tightening in your abdomen. It should be a natural process, you should not have to force the movement. If you exhale from the diaphragm you will feel the muscles tighten in your lower abdomen which is great because you are working those muscles that are usually so difficult to "get to" with traditional exercise. Keep up your marvelous attitude along with taking action to practice your LifeLift breathing regularly and the results will follow. Yours, Rashelle

Q: I was wondering if you have to the LifeLift breath on an empty stomach? Thanks, Kelly

A: Hi Kelly: Most people can do LifeLift at any time, but I have found over the years that doing it on an empty stomach is better because when you do the final lift you can bring your abdominal muscles in much tighter if there is no food in the way.

Another point is that all of that wonderful oxygen flooding the bloodstream will create all of the benefits that HGH (human growth hormone) can provide. HGH is something we have in abundance when we are young. It gives us energy, tones and firms the muscles and burns fat. As we age the body still has HGH but does not release it as easily. That is why some people are less energetic, gain weight and lose muscle tone as they get past a certain age. There have been products on the market for many, many years that claim to help the body release HGH, and some seem to work. If you look at the documented benefits caused by higher levels of HGH (which amount to a reversal of aging, measured in biological terms) they are the same list of benefits provides: weight loss, firmer muscles, thicker, smoother skin, more disease immunity, more energy, better mood, and more aliveness in general.

It is usually advised to take these supplements on an empty stomach. Having an empty stomach lets HGH take effect because HGH is destroyed by insulin, which is produced when we eat, especially carbohydrates. So in short, LifeLift seems to cause the release of HGH. Eating decreases the amount of HGH. Doing LifeLift on an empty stomach allows increased HGH to act. So that is another reason to do LifeLift on an empty stomach. Yours, Rashelle

Q: Is it alright to have a cup of coffee with milk in it before I do my workout?

A: Yes, it is fine to drink your coffee with milk before your workout. I often have juice in the morning before my workout. It is fine. What you would want to avoid is a heavy meal. Take care, Rashelle

Q: Do not feel any muscle soreness. Am I on the right track?

A: Some do feel sore, most do not. Muscle soreness comes from a build up of lactic acid in the body. This is also the cause of some cellulite on people's bodies. Often you will see very athletic women with cellulite all over their thighs even thought their muscles are very firm. It is because they have built up too much lactic acid. The oxygen flush usually prevents this and breaks down the lactic acid, this is many do not feel sore after even an intense workout with LifeLift. It is fine if you are a little sore, but it is also fine if you are not. That is not a good way to gauge if you are doing it correctly.

Q: On the video it looks like one long band, with connected handles, and most of the time the band is crossed so that right foot stretches to left hand and vice versa. My band has separate handles on each end, and is very long. Doing the left lift on the floor, my hands have to go almost behind my head! How do I hold these Stretch band handles, crossed or uncrossed? bobbie

A: The stretch band can be adjusted. On one of the handles is a little ball attached to the handle. Just pull the band (tubing) through to the desired length and then push the ball in the hole of the handle. This will hold the band at your desired length and therefore keep you from pulling your arms up over your head. I think you could hold the handles anyway that feels the most comfortable for you. Sometimes crossing them, helps to make the tension a little tighter. You could also make it tighter by spreading your feet farther apart while standing on it. This also takes up some of the slack, resulting in a tougher workout. Hope this helps. Wanda

Q: I started doing LifeLift about 1 1/2 months ago. I have been really sick with a bad cough. I can't do LifeLift at the moment because it aggravates my cough. If I force myself to do it, will it improve my cough? Thanks, Manny

A: Dear Manny: Yes, forcing yourself to do LifeLift will help clear out and strengthen your lungs. It is normal for this breathing technique to aggravate the cough because it is clearing out mucus. Keep it up and do as much as you can. The idea is to build the immune system and to get your lungs strong permanently, as well as the rest of your body. Take care of yourself. Yours, Rashelle

Q: I watched your introduction video last night and I did do the breathing and moves with you. This morning I did my first workout following your tape. Boy, it seemed so easy. I could feel the pull with most of the moves, but I really thought the breathing and the positions were a lot easier than the BodyFlex ones. Maybe this will work better for me, I could have been trying too hard with the Body Flex tapes and you have slowed me down and relaxed me. I will keep you updated...
Is it really supposed to be this easy?
Karen Crosser

A: Yes, it is supposed to be this easy. ***smile***
I have been in health and fitness for over 30 years and my experience has shown that the more relaxed you are the easier it is for your body to release toxins, fat and stress. Life Lift is nurturing, relaxing and gentle for a reason. Your workout should not be difficult an stressful. I have heard people who love Life Lift refer to it as "feeling like a spa experience" -That is a very good description. When your body feels nurtured it will be more responsive to the good things you are doing for it. Your results will show the difference and you will feel better than ever.

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