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A Mother of Two and
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Are Your Kid's Exercising?

Fitness can be Fun

Give your children the gift of Healthy Habits for a lifetime

I just had to tell you what your Oxygen Zoo video means to me. You really were inspired when you created this one! If only it had been available when I was growing up! I honestly think it would have made a huge difference in the way I relate to health and fitness today.

You target the most basic needs for vibrant health - oxygen, food, and water - on a level that adults and children of all ages can understand. You give clear information and demonstrate in such a way that you invite us all to join in and have fun with you. You certainly capture our imaginations by using animal names and movements, and you sprinkle in stories throughout the video, teaching us all to love and care for ourselves.

I have an 8-year-old daughter, and this is one video I encourage her to watch and do. The positive messages are incredible, and I never have to worry about the content. Through the magic of the television, you can be right there in our living room with us to cheer us on. Her favorite is Mad Cat Kirsten because she loves cats, and the stretch helps her in martial arts classes. My personal favorite is the Cuddly Bear because it makes me feel so loved. As a bonus, I enjoy a big energy boost when I take in that healing oxygen. What a great way to spend quality time with your family and improve your health, too!

I'm ordering another copy because when my friends borrow it, I have the hardest time getting it back and I don't want to be without it! Thank you for making your video available to us!

Darlene Williford

The Oxygen Zoo will teach you the breath and the Stretch Bands is one of the best ones Rashelle has done. If you can possibly work it into your budget, you just can't go wrong with the ORIGINAL video. It stands alone, plus you get the face lift at the end. Rashelle is the most beautiful in the original one in my opinion. It could be because it is like she is right there with you for almost a full hour. Very gently teaching and coaching you through this aerobic breathing process. It is quite different from Oxycise, so you might really consider getting the ORIGINAL Video. The other workout tapes don't have the breath instruction on it, only the Oxygen Zoo. Good luck with your decision, I think it will be one of the best ones you have made when it comes to health issues.

Very healing!

My tapes came today, and the are both GREAT!! I had already done 40 breaths this morning, but when I came back from the store the mailman had left me the tapes and I just had to do them. The 20 minutes went by so fast, it was over before I knew it. I felt so good after doing the tape that I decided to go along with the Oxygen Zoo also. It is a fun tape, kids will LOVE it (as well as adults). Thank you so much Rashelle for making these tapes.


I have four kids that love Oxygen Zoo. They are ages 9, 8, 5 and 3. It is hilarious to watch them. The other day we were babysitting a friend of theirs. Guess what they popped into the VCR to watch with their friends? You got it, Oxygen Zoo. Their friend loved it too. It was so cute watching them teach him how to do it. I have all girls so I was wondering if he would like it, and he did. He is 11 and his brother is 4.


I just got my VCR hooked up at the new place today and couldn't wait to do the Oxygen Zoo...it is so fantastic! Rashelle, I can see where children would just love you! You totally relate to them on the tape but you don't talk down to them! I did the exercises and now I can't wait to share this with my niece and nephew!! They will just love it. I also think it is fantastic that you spread such a love filled positive and healthy message. Thanks again!


I recently tried the Oxygen Zoo video with my two children and they really enjoyed it. I have circulation problems and sometimes my skin itches when I exercise I know this sounds weird but I think Lifelift will help with this problem. Also you explain the process very well I greatly appreciate it.

God Bless
Lisa S

The twenty minute workout is perfect... and of course, it's your approach that makes me want to do this workout. I especially like the fact that you targeted the areas that everyone asked for. That new exercise where you swing your leg seems very powerful to me and I felt it in my legs and hips. I love the Oxygen Zoo and my favorite on that tape was the giraffe. I think this workout could be for both adults and children alike. I just can't say enough about these videos except to say they are PERFECT.

First of all Oxygen Zoo. If any of you have children it is a must. My daughter had such a good time with the tape (she's newly 4) and kept getting up from the dinner table last night to show me all of the animals she did. Rashelle is so wonderful on the tape and not like a hyper Barney show. She talked to my daughter without being obnoxious or annoying. She also has such a wonderful healthy message on it and I'm so pleased with this tape. I think anyone with children (under teens) will enjoy this tape. I think the Oxygen Zoo is so wonderful.

It's a healthy thing to do with your kids, educational and great for a child's self esteem. You are also laying a good foundation for your children on eating good and drinking water and the need for oxygen in our bodies. In an age where kids are always watching TV., surfing on the net and eating unhealthy foods, I think this is a great family activity for spending time together and for doing something good for the entire family.


My daughter's quite a little Oxygen Zoo person now and gave my Mom a big speech the other day about us needing oxygen and water. She also has been eating better at dinner too. I must mention your name 900 times during the day when I need her to do something like eat a good dinner, getting some sleep, not trying to keep herself awake when she needs a nap, etc. Since you asked about her, here is her latest story that, in fact, happened just this morning. I was taking her to nursery school and this person ahead of me was going too slow and we didn't get through a light I had been waiting at. While trying to get through the light, I said, "C'mon lady go faster". When we didn't get through, I said, "Darn it". My daughter then says, "Mom, just relax. Do you know what you do when you are mad? You stop and get your golden straw and take a deep breath" Now how can you argue with that? So that's what I did. I did a few breaths while waiting for the light to change.


I want to tell you that I loved the Oxygen Zoo. It's about time someone did a tape for kids that wasn't so hyper and jumpy. Your calming and serene attitudes are just what kids need these days. I did that tonight with the other new tape and I feel like I got a great workout and yet I don't feel drained. I love the animal names and especially like Kirsten the Cat. I think visualizing pulling the breath to the floor has really made all the difference with me. It may sound less intense than the Bodyflex way, but I can hardly hold my breath for the count of 8 when I do it, so I know it is making my body workout more effective.


Hi Rashelle, Today my daughter and I did the Oxygen Zoo tape for the second time and we love it. She had tried to do my original LifeLift tape and had gotten really frustrated because she hadn't figured out the breath. She loved the Zoo tape so much she made me promise to do it again today! She absolutely loves to listen to you! I love the tapes and will continue to do them daily, forever!! Thanks Rashelle, you really are a doll!

Mary Wendler

Here is something that should make you smile. As you know, I'm now your biggest fan of Oxygen Zoo for children. It's fantastic. Here is the latest story of my daughter. You'll have to know that she thinks your name is Miss Shell not Miss Rashelle. Today, she came into my dressing area with a dixie cup of water.

Here's a dialog of our conversation:
Her: Mommy do you know what this is?
Me: Yes, I do it's water.
Her: No Mommy, it's not just water, it's part of our bodies. Our bodies need oxygen and water. Miss Shell said our bodies are like little flowers and we need oxygen and water to grow. I'm drinking water because it makes my body healthy and Miss Shell says we need to take good care of ourselves.

Needless to say, I was so proud of her and for your message that you are sending to her on your videos. She just turned 4 so to hear these things come out of her mouth are wonderful. I need to also point out that she's never been a big water drinker. Granted I only let her drink skim milk and a little 100% pure juice so she's never drank junk but I've wanted her to drink more water. Well you did it, you got her too. I also have to say, that through your messages to all of us, I'm glad that right beside my sink, I had a big glass of water I was drinking so I was validating what she was drinking too, instead of having a soda or something by me so I felt like a good parent too.

I just can't thank you enough for sending out a message to her that reinforces my beliefs and also supports a good self-worth and healthy lifestyle.


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