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A Mother of Two and
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Rashelle Haines is the creator of LifeLift * OxygenLift, a worldwide company that is known for helping women and men create success in every area of their lives.

Rashelle has been in the health and beauty world for almost 40 years. Rashelle is a Grandmother in her 60's. It has been said that she is healthier and in better shape than most 30 year old women. She does not want her formula for success to remain secret. She wants to share the knowledge she has gained with you as it is her nature to nurture.

Rashelle has overcome childhood illness and has become known worldwide as one of the most knowledgeable women experts in the field of health and fitness.

She has been a health and beauty consultant as well as a motivational speaker for many years. She is the creator of the LifeLift aerobic breathing program and has completed the taping of "The Victory Theory (tm)," an inspiring motivational program on audio CD and tape.

In The Victory Theory(tm) Rashelle distills the essence of creating and living a happier, healthier, and richer life.

You can learn more about Rashelle and her amazing programs at www.lifelift.net or www.oxygenlift.net

The Victory Theory emerged from a series of highly successful seminars Rashelle has conducted over the past three decades throughout the United States.

Today clients from every corner of the world have come to learn about the program from web sites with testimonials from people who have found success after years of searching for solutions. They have now integrated the powerful messages of the Victory Theory into their own lives, The Victory Theory has distilled the messages of internalizing self-love, designing your life, the give-to-get principle, positive food for your mind with great success. 

Out of a passion for nurturing and helping people reach their full potential, Rashelle developed the Victory Theory series as well as the LifeLift* OxygenLift Aerobic Breathing program. These programs are changing lives worldwide.

The target audience has grown from word-of-mouth among people of all ages, from children to senior citizens and every walk of life from Senators in Congress to successful business owners who are drawn to Rashelle's real-life stories most people can relate to in some form.


The Victory Theory is 6 audio CD's or tapes, approximately 1 hour each. They have been taken from the 6 most successful seminars that she has been teaching for many years.

  1. Shattering your Limitations: Find out why you deserve to have your dreams come true. This is not about learning to be perfect; it is about learning to love yourself for who you are and learning to love yourself unconditionally.

  2. The Miracle Moment-Prosperity: What is prosperity anyway? Learn to be happy with yourself and your circumstances as they are so that you will be able to create a life that is filled with riches and rewards. Understand that prosperity is not just for others, but is for everyone, including you.

  3. Relationships: This is about more than relationships with a mate, rather about the relationships that you form with everyone around you. Learn to build positive relationships that could change your life forever.

  4. Going Beyond Stress: Rashelle will share with you simple easy things that you can do to have a more stress free, productive life. Having less stress will improve your health and your happiness as well as your success in every area of your life.

  5. Daydreaming your way to success: How many times have you heard that visualizing your dreams will help make them come true? Yet, so many have trouble with the concept of visualization. It seems like a foreign word. Rashelle has broken it down in a simple easy way that even children can understand. They get it and so will you. Learning to create a clear picture of your future in your mind will help to make your dreams reality. Learn to take control of your future and create the life you really want.

  6. Why Grow Old? This seminar has been one of Rashelle's most popular. Everyone wants to learn the secrets of looking and feeling young and vibrant at any age. This CD or tape has a great deal of inspiration, but also contains detailed information on what Rashelle has done daily for years to get healthier and to improve her looks naturally as the years have come to her.

The ideal way the use The Victory Theory is to listen to Shattering your Limitations every day for at least two weeks and then go on to the next tape or CD. 30 days for each title is the most effective since the goal here is to saturate your mind with all of this positive information, so you can reach and keep your goals and dreams forever.

Read what people are saying about The Victory Theory!


Who is Rashelle Haines and why have tens of thousands of people all over the world visited her web site or her health, fitness & beauty centers to learn about LifeLift and The Victory Theory and her practical solutions for growing healthy relationships, prosperity and ageless beauty? 

Rashelle is first and foremost a woman of principle, integrity and beauty, inside and out. Her selfless and unconditional attitude to helping people has made her a natural for speaking at conferences and trade events; an author of articles for investment, health and entrepreneur publications; a highly successful businesswoman, mother and grandmother and now a great-grandmother.. 

Publishing The Victory Theory has helped her realize her life ambition of sharing the great lessons she has internalized, applied daily and integrated into her own life with remarkable results. 

Rashelle is a successful entrepreneur with Life Lift, a health, fitness & beauty business. Rashelle has built LifeLift into an international company with clients on every continent.

She has represented companies in Europe with commercials promoting health and fitness products and has authored articles for trade, entrepreneur and special-interest publications. She has been honored as "Outstanding Woman of the Year" by such organizations as the Mrs. America Pageant and the Chamber of Commerce of such cities as Sausalito, California, for her work around the country with children in need.

The work has been on multiple levels from working with people seeking effective programs for health, fitness and prosperity on one level to the special needs of individuals with uncertain futures, the abused, homeless and those who have lost loved ones. Rashelle and her husband funded a video program for one of the largest charitable organizations in the country to raise awareness and funds for victims of society, focused on children.

Rashelle began writing about the power of the mind in overcoming adversities and self- improvement in all facets of life in the early 1980's.Overcoming her own early childhood "uncertain future" prognosis, Rashelle went on to create and produce her own fitness, wellness and motivational programs. She has worked all over the world as a spokesmodel and businesswoman. Her DVD's. videos and health and beauty products are being used in countries from Sweden, Norway, England, Australia and New Zealand to South Africa, China, Japan, Canada, and the United States.

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