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Although my muscles feel very worked, there was absolutely no pain involved, what so ever. When I did the Workout #2, I felt as though you produced it just for me. There are so many days, still, that I am unable to get out of bed, or, if so, not much further than a chair. This is the perfect workout for these days. I feel such a renew of hope. There is not a day, that I won't be able to do my wonderful LifeLift breathing. My spirit is soaring, knowing that anyone who may have felt unable to do any form of aerobic exercising in the past, can now benefit from the healing oxygen, as much as anyone else. Taking control of our own bodies, spirits and minds. It is so wonderful to no longer be on the outside looking in, but to be able to take part in all that LifeLift has to offer. Thank you so much for this incredible video. I also did the Stretch Bands workout. As you can tell, I have been getting stronger and stronger, since starting LifeLift, only a short few months ago. As Rashelle will attest to, I came to her a very sick, broken woman. But her program has helped beyond measure, to restore me to health and wellness. The STRETCH BAND workout was just plain and simply fun! A total blast, with the benefits of strengthening and toning. I felt like a million bucks, when I was finished. The part that was so hard for me to believe, was when Rashelle said, "You've done a great workout!" I was thinking, that's it? It went by so fast, how can it be over, how could I have possibly done such a great workout, and had such fun doing it?

But here was my favorite part of my day. When I did the Reflexology video. Rashelle, you are so beautiful on that video, your presence is so serene and your delivery is so very sincere. I did the entire tape, then sat and cried like a baby. In sorrow? Absolutely not! For the first time, in what seems like forever, I too, truly felt beautiful. Tears of joy flood my eyes, and continue to roll down my cheeks as I realize the wonder of the oxygen, the LifeLift breath and the incredible healing power of what I learned in a few short minutes, from a 20 minute video. I feel simply marvelous. Such a sense of renew. With each new reflex point, I felt an emotional and physical healing, that I had no idea I was in such need of. Thanks so much Rashelle, for taking the time to share these wonderful gifts with us all. I have to say that there is no way that I could pick a favorite. They are all unique to themselves, working and healing different areas of the body. It is such a blessing that they have been made so affordable to us.


I was so thrilled that you came out with your new video collection. I ordered Workout #1 and the Stretch Bands video. I do one every morning before I start my day. I can't tell you how peaceful it is to me to have those quiet 20 minutes to myself and to feel so good doing each exercise. Afterwards, I'm so energized and positive about my day and it's nice to not be soaked with sweat. I also appreciate that you are wearing normal everyday workout clothes and not some skimpy thong outfit. I workout every morning in my pj's. You don't need to waste time and money on workout clothes. There is no excuse for someone not to have time to do these exercises. It only takes 20 minutes. Also when you travel, you can still workout...even if there is no VCR. I even do the pelvic tilt in the car when I drop off and pick up my daughter from nursery school. Sure the breathing technique looks and sounds crazy for someone to watch but it does work. I do have to laugh on weekends when my 4 year old daughter tries to join in. When she exhales on the PHAAAA it's hard for me not to laugh. I will be ordering Oxygen Zoo for her soon. I won't testify about how many inches or weight I have lost because I do follow the rule of it's your proportions that matter but I can tell you that I am smaller and firmer and my size 8 jeans are getting baggy. I know that I use to cringe putting on my jeans after taking them out of the dryer because they would shrink up after washing....not any more! I'll never have to lie on the bed to zip them again!


I didn't get a chance to write yesterday. I did Workout #2 and part of the Stretch Bands workout. Today I did Workout #2 and all of the Stretch Bandsworkout.

The other night after I wrote and complained about sore feet (cheap pumps--great for the budget, but hard on the feetsies!!) I did the Reflexology workout. I find it very relaxing and after that, with my relaxation CD, I drifted off right away. Got to say after I do the Reflexology tape, my face feels great--and after that workout so did my feet.


I just finished doing your 20 minute workout twice through and I have some more thoughts now I am familiar with it. What struck me about this video is that it can be very versatile. Or at least it was for me. One thing I loved about the Original LifeLift was that you provided so many different positions. So, since I like to use the new video to keep me on track with the breaths, I substituted some of my favorite ones from the ORIGINAL video when I did it the second time through with the new tape and got those in the same amount of time of 20 minutes.

Also, I noticed that you were really clear on the gentler breath and boy, I could hardly hold my breath for the count which tells me these exercises were working. I finished my workout with the acupressure facelift from the ORIGINAL tape and I feel very calm and centered right now.

I can hardly wait for the next shipment and am so glad I am having these overnighted. It is well worth it!!!!!!! Jan

Comparison of BF and Life Lift: That is where I am with it. I still think the Life Lift workouts are much more effective. I only did the Advanced BodyFlex workout on Saturday, one time. No other breathing programs or workouts. I really wanted to see if I would be sore as Greer promised in the video that I would be. I had no idea that she was talking about my throat! LOL! I'm sure that she wasn't, but that is all that was sore on me. I am not kidding, my throat got that annoying tickle at the back of it. It caused me to cough constantly. I wasn't sick or anything, just had that annoying tickle back there. I know a lot of you know what I am talking about. It finally went away this morning. On the other hand, when I do my Workout #2 LifeLift Video, which by the way, tends to be my favorite, my legs are wobbly. This workout only takes 15 minutes or so to do and is very effective. I also like the Stretch Bands workout because with it, you also get part of the Workout #1 video, so, when you do a combination of the Workout #2 and Stretch Bands, it is ALMOST the same as doing #1, #2, and the Stretch Bands. The #1 does have more on it that is not included in the Stretch Bands and I do switch back and forth between the #1 and #2 along with the Stretch Bands. I feel that these really target my areas that need to be targeted. You know the area that I hide by sitting on it!

Rashelle has also assured me that she is working on an Advanced LifeLift workout. I am really looking forward to it, too! So, that is my opinion on it anyway.


I would have a hard time doing the LifeLift breath to a BF tape because Greer does her breath so much faster and does not hold the vacuum/lift as long. I would think you would not be able to do an effective LifeLift breath if watching her tape. The positions on the BF tape could be done with the LifeLift breath if you just referred to the position card BF has. I love LifeLift because the breath is slower, longer and more effective. Also the positions are held longer so you have time to really get into the position and then really contract the muscle group(s) you are working on. I would highly recommend you go to the LifeLift web page and look at the different videos she has. The ORIGINAL tape is great for learning the breath and has around 30 (I could be off a bit) different positions to try and an acupuncture face lift. The tape is about 1 hour long so you will really be able to master the breath and see the different positions. Then with the ORIGINAL you can FF to the parts you want to do on a workout or make a workout sheet and do them without the video. The Workout #1 works the entire part of the body. Workout #2 (I don't have) but in theory works the entire body too like Workout #1 but has some positions done in a chair, rather than standing. Stretch Bands workout comes with the stretch bands and works entire body too. The stretch bands add extra resistance to for your arms and there is one exercise where the band focuses on your legs. Keep in mind on stretch bands that the lower body is in different positions during the arm workout and being worked out too. There are more videos coming too. It took me about a month to truly convert from the BF method of breathing to the LifeLift method and I've seen great results. Rashelle's tapes are also great because in most exercises you are working multiple areas of your body not just one. I definitely recommend you invest in a few of the videos to truly see some great results.

Got it. Did it. LOVED IT!!! Really, this one is just perfect for me. I had to work hard to hold some of the breaths as long as you do. I anticipate the legs firming up soon - with your first video I noticed a big change in my butt (it is truly getting a bit smaller!!!) due to just standing up and clenching everything, and hips narrowing - but the legs are always a problem for me since I was a teenager (even though I've been and still am relatively thin - just flabby) so I assume they'll be the last to go. Now I just can't wait for the stretch band video.

Congratulations - Really, a job WELL DONE!!!! Simple, tasteful, efficient. You look fabulous, by the way.


Hi Rashelle, Today my daughter and I did the Oxygen Zoo tape for the second time and we love it. She had tried to do my Original LifeLift tape and had gotten really frustrated because she hadn't figured out the breath. She loved the Zoo tape so much she made me promise to do it again today! She absolutely loves to listen to you! I love the tapes and will continue to do them daily, forever!! Thanks Rashelle, you really are a doll!

Mary Wendler

You don't know how great it is to make a request of someone in business and actually have them respond the way you have with these videos and also just being available to everyone to help and answer questions. You give so freely of yourself and I for one will help promote these videos and spread the word about what a great teacher and motivator you are!


I did the Video Workout #2 this a.m. because hubby is out of town and so we didn't get to walk this a.m. Man, that video really goes by quick. It's amazing how much fun you have exercising!!! I feel great!


I have the ORIGINAL workout and Workout #1, and the BF tapes, and the first two O tapes, and I find Rashelle's Workout # 1 to be quick. (at least the time seems to fly by) I timed it, and it is just over 20 minutes long, but it is so relaxing, you are finished before you know it. I found BF fast too, but not too relaxing. The O tapes seem to drag on and on and on...(sorry Jill)


Workout #2. At first I thought this looked like "an old ladies tape" seeing Rashelle start off the workout sitting in a chair.....WRONG the three leg exercises she did in the chair left my thighs quivering and when done I was already stiff walking up the stairs to go shower. I do think it is a good tape for beginners as she does explain alternatives to the positions she does in case you are new and need to modify. I did like the leg exercises.

Texas Mom

Hi, I just received my Workout #1 and I really LOVE it!!! I find it is very relaxing, but at the same time, I do work up a nice "glow" Thanks Rashelle, I would highly recommend this workout.

Hugs, Sandy

I have the Reflexology tape and boy is it wonderful!! I can't say enough great things about it. I have migraines ($63.00 a month just in preventative medication) and yesterday it got rid of my migraine without my having to delve into my pain meds. Well worth the $.


I got to use Workout #1 last night, and all I can say is WOW! I totally loved this video. The 20 minutes were over before I knew it. I felt so great afterwards. I can't wait to try out the other videos.


Dear Rashelle,
I found LifeLift quite by accident. I have been doing Bodyflex on and off for the last few years, with spotty results, and went online to find out what others were saying about the program. I found a site comparing Bodyflex and LifeLift, with testimonials claiming LifeLift was miles ahead. It also listed the web address, so I shot right over, read what other people said about you and your program, and decided to order the first tape.
It has been an incredible experience already! After only one week, I feel 110% better, I am sleeping through the night again (I am a night owl who has to get up at 6 am for work, forced to go to bed at 10 so I could get up), and I find I need less sleep as every day goes by. I'm not measuring, but I can tell by how my clothes are already beginning to hang on me that I have lost inches. With your breathing method, I have been able to use so many different poses to achieve new strength, endurance and flexibility. I love the variety, your encouragement, and most of all, the almost instant results! Thank you so much - I know I can finally reach my goals, and regain the lean, graceful dancer's body I had in my musical theatre days.
Most Sincerely,

The Life Lift commuter/computer audio is wonderful. My cellulite has practically vanished. I gained 65 pounds last year while I was pregnant. I have been having a hard time getting back into shape. The results were almost immediate. These exercises make my c-sections sore, so I know they are working. My stomach is noticeably thinner! I plan on ordering more products soon. Thank you!
Carla Gebhart

Dearest Rashelle,
You are such an angelic person. I was just amazed that you took time out of your busy schedule, to call me back when I wanted additional information on LifeLift. Your extremely caring nature, and your high level of awareness of the soul, brought me to tears several times during our conversation.
Thank you seems not enough for all that you do for us individuals struggling with weight problems, disease, and just plain feeling bad. Aside from the fact that I am becoming one of your biggest fans just from having the pleasure of speaking with you last week, I have to to share how delirously happy I am about your products.
I mentioned to you I would check in and tell you what I thought. I was on Body Flex for three months, and I must say that I did see results in the inches department, but never saw the scale go down one pound. I found that the pahhh made me feel like my head was going to explode. I think Greer's product is a good thing, but what I am most grateful to Greer for, is because she unknowingly led me to you.
I had hit a plateu with BF, and did not like that the scale did not move 1lb. In my research to find more information on breathing programs, I read all the great testimonals of LifeLift, and decided to try it. For the WOW stuff... I am chocked up as I write this, in 4 days of doing LifeLift, I have lost 4 lbs!!!!!! I stepped on the scale "3" times just to make sure. In the four days, I have had tacos, chocolate cake, etc., I am floored!! and hope it is not a fluke. I will keep you all posted, as I hope you all continue to post to motivate us all. When I did Oxycise I got so bored so quickly, and with BF just a bit too harsh for me. Somebody out there said LifeLIft was like going to the "spa" great analogy! I wanted to keep doing it, and was sad when it was over. There is a magical, peaceful quality about you that makes you want more, and more.
Rashelle you are an answer to my prayers, in so many ways.
Thank you my angelic friend.

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