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LifeLift Success Stories...

Dearest Rashelle; I have recently purchased several of your LifeLift exercise videos. First and foremost I must compliment you on your radiant beauty, both inner and outer. I feel relaxed, comforted, and with a spiritual "friend" when I am viewing your tapes. You truly project your good nature in all that you do. It is quite empowering.

Also... as for soreness....I am sore, but I think it is in a good way. The stretch in my hips, and the constant tightening of my abdominals and buttocks can surely be felt the next day. Thank you for helping me on my journey to a happy and healthy ME!!

Loreen W.

If you just focus on the breathing and concentrate on flattening your stomach as flat as possible while holding your breath as long as you can during the breathing process, you'll see good results in your stomach. I used to do at least 10 different stomach exercises and I didn't get the results that I have since doing the breathing with just focusing on flattening my stomach. I find that I can flatten my stomach more if I lay on my back with my knees bent. I call these "Belly Flatteners" even though they are part of the breathing technique. I do these at least 10 times a day. Have a great weekend!


Oh my goodness, Rashelle!
I didn't know what I was missing! I thought Bodyflex was good but LifeLift is awesome! I didn't get the video out of the mailbox until yesterday. I am so mad at myself because it has probably been in my mailbox for a few days and I didn't know it. I started doing some breaths this morning--only a few. I feel like I'm on cloud nine! I usually park pretty far away from the job and walk to work. This morning I felt like I could have run to work! And believe me, I don't jog! If I feel this good after only doing a few breaths, I can only imagine what a 20-30 minute session is going to feel like. I'll find that out when I arrive home this evening as I am looking forward to working out (never said that in the past). I am so glad that I found your site. I already want the Oxygen Zoo for my 7 year-old along with the workout videos and VICTOR THEORY. I'll make sure I keep you posted of the success that I know I am about to achieve! Many thanks Rashelle--and for someone in their mid fifties, you look awesome! You go girl!


LifeLift is a lot slower than BF. Meaning you take more time with each movement, giving you more time to focus on the body part that you're working on making it more effective. The steps are pretty much the same, you just slow it down. The "pah" in BF is also harsher than LifeLift.

I have allergies and a slight case of asthma. I get allergy shots for them and this is what I noticed when I was doing BF. I had trouble blowing into the peak flow meter (this checks my breathing levels to make sure my asthma is in check). I can't get my shots unless my levels are high enough. The harshness of the pah in BF caused me to cut off some of the air that needed to come out of my lungs especially while using the peak flow meter. I had to re-teach myself how to blow correctly into the meter so that I could get my shots. I stopped doing BF over a year ago and started doing LifeLift instead. The pah is so gentle and so relaxing, my air isn't being cut off anymore and my breathing levels are great when I go to get my shots. Have a great day!


I wanted to let everyone know I got the LifeLift tape and did it last night for the first time - I have been doing BodyFlex for about 2 years off and on.

I want to note that I LOVE this way of breathing and the LifeLift and Body Flex are a lot alike.
What I liked about the LifeLift sessions is that they way Rashelle talks throughout it - so slow, and smooth - very "peaceful" like - just really makes you feel good - and HOW she spoke to you - was like she is speaking TO YOU - not to a video tape of a nobody.

Rashelle also says MANY positive things to you in this video - to remind you that YOU are worth it. This reason alone is enough to always use the tape.

Then she did something I haven't heard anyone else mention - so I had no idea it was on the tape. She teaches you how to do acupressure on your face for a more healthy youthful look! Being the daughter of a massage therapist, reflexologist and nutrition consultant - I do know how important this is - but also - just the way Rashelle did it - made it fun to do - not just like "oh I MUST do this to lose weight or look good!"

Oh, and in case you are wondering - no I do not get any $$ or commission about telling you about LifeLift - I just thought I'd let everyone know what I thought about this tape. And Thank you Rashelle for making this tape!


I'm residing in Switzerland and purchased your LifeLift tape around October 1999 and it has been a godsend. I have given the tape to my mother who is a young looking 60 years old, who had some minor health issues. I will be in contact now that I have found your new website, I have been searching for sometime and stumbled upon your new videos. I'm so excited to try them!


I am a beginner with the LifeLift program about 2 weeks but I really enjoy it. My clothes feel looser already. Have you noticed that you can sing better also? I love old hymns and noticed I can sing better now. I know my church is glad-ha!


I am anxious to try the FACE, BODY AND HAND MASKING set. I have been amazed by the other products I have used so far. The HERBAL BODY WRAP has really made a visible difference on the pregnancy stretch marks I have had for eight years. The workout video has helped my weak stomach muscles from a c-section from that same pregnancy. I also think the LifeLift method has helped me cope with some depression I have been experiencing during the last few months following the death of my brother and his two children in a train accident. I truly believe the "angels" led me to your website.

Gay Lynn Baade

I like the ease of LifeLift. And I like the fact that I can do them anywhere and sometimes do them around people and they never know I'm doing anything (unless they look at my throat)!! I always breathe in the car while traveling and my husband never even knows unless he asks me something and I don't answer!!! He just patiently waits till I'm through with my breath!


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