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LifeLift Success Stories...

You know, doing the LL videos are so wonderful that I can't imagine why I ever let my busy lifestyle get in the way of doing them. How ridiculous is that!!! I feel a million (okay a zillion) times better after doing the videos, so there is no reason to miss even one day! It's like taking a bubble bath...something I enjoy so much.


I do the lift along with Rashelle in the video, but in the car and at work I hold it as long as I can (which is longer than the video). I wonder myself if I'm cheating myself by releasing it sooner than I need to just to stay up with the video. But, I love doing it along with Rashelle so much and feel so great afterwards, that I feel it still works wonders for my body no matter if I hold it as long as possible or not.


Have you ever done this...you wash those jeans and dry them and they shrink up on you. Then you have to get them on and its a hassle. Well, I just LifeLift myself into mine! HAH I was able to breath into them! Yeah, really, however silly that sounds...they are fitting comfy again. My measurements still call me...curious Tij, and today I noticed I am down to where I was at 14 weeks with BF, took me 1 month and 2 days with LifeLift. I have a chart from my 3 months on BF and LifeLift is just going at "mock-speed" WHOA! Makes me a happy camper! Just had to share. Today I noted as my curiosity got the best of me, my measurements...what was in the 30s has gone down to the 20s and what was in the 40s is down to the 30s...! I'm thrilled! I know that LifeLift is going to succeed and I have enjoyed every minute of it! Wanting total all and be sure to remind you to keep breathing LifeLift, things are truly happening for the better of your Bod

from "Wild Thing"
Tij :)

I got my LifeLift tape today!! Was so excited, that I came home, popped it in the VCR. About 10 min into it, I figured I wasn't doing it right. I was not out of breath, my body wasn't screaming in pain and I didn't think it was accomplishing a thing. Before the tape finished my brother called (have to answer the phone cause of hubby's job) and asked me what I was up to. I told him I had just wasted some more money on another worthless, work-out video. Well, when we finished our conversation and I got up to put the phone back on the cradle, I couldn't believe it!! My legs were wobbly, my arms were wobbly and my posterior muscles were jumpy. I felt the same way I did after the 2 hour karate classes I'm used to. (Without the aches and pains). I absolutely LOVE it! I'm not as young as I used to be and I know the karate was taking a toll on my body and I do believe this is going to be much better for me and accomplish the same results.


I started with BodyFlex about 1 year ago saw results, then fell off the wagon, but I have been doing LifeLift for almost 2 weeks since the docs ok and let me tell you I feel just wonderful, the breathing is more controlled I really like the difference of the pahs and I could just breath and listen to Rashelle recite the story over and over again her voice is so relaxing. Well I gotta get up tomorrow and do LifeLift because it is weed eating day so I am gonna have to have much energy and LifeLift is the way to go.


Seeing is believing. Within the first month I lost 15 inches and went on to lose 4 sizes. It is like being free of layers of bondage. It is life changing. People have told me I look younger after doing LifeLift.

Dr. Eva Dahl
Sausalito, CA

I have lost weight and everyone asked how I did it. I told them about you and had some who believed and some who didn't believe, but I'm a witness that LifeLift works from myself and some of my friends who ordered. You are a true blessing, thank you for your support.

God Bless

I've been using the LifeLift 20 min workout for 5 days now and am loving every minute of it. I was doing BF regularly for the past 3 months, and am very happy with my results, but I wasn't enjoying the program as much anymore, so I ordered LifeLift because I wanted to try a gentler technique. I love doing yoga, but I didn't like the combination with the BF breath. LifeLift is working so much better for me. I look forward to each and every breath and I feel so relaxed during my workout ...and yet energetic (is that possible?).

Anyway, I measured today and I lost 4.5" since my last measure day (9 days ago)!!! My biggest loss with BF was 3.5" my first week, and after that, I averaged about 2" every couple of weeks (for a total of 17" in 3 months). And with the 4.5" loss I measured today, that brings my total to 21.5" LOST.

This oxygen thing is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Thank you Rachelle for making the experience so pleasurable!!! BF I like, LifeLift I love!!


WELCOME! Glad you have decided to do LifeLift. I think you might find doing the breathing, you'll have enough energy you won't be wanting to smoke. I gave up caffeine for the same reason. I didn't need the boost anymore having the "energy" from LifeLift. I hope it helps you immensely. Just review the tapes and if you have any problems ask, we're all here to help you. Glad you're with us.


Just wanted you to know, I have been exercising for 15 years, so had to give your LifeLift video a try. Ten days later, just for kicks, I decided to measure again to see if I acquired some good results. Well, I only measured my waist and upper arm and to my surprise I had lost 2" off my waist and 1" off my upper arms. What an incredible exercise and it has always been within me!!! Thank you so much for teaching me how to achieve wonderful results. A True Believer, Marsha

I had to take a minute and write to everyone. I am so excited!!! I weighed and measured on Tuesday (1/25) because I had decided that was the day I was going to really buckle down and do my breathing programs and eat better. I measured my bust, ribs (just under bra line), waist, lower abs, hips, both thighs, both calves, and both upper arms. I then proceeded to blow my diet everyday! I ate horribly, by that I mean that I had brownies just about every day! Just couldn't seem to stay away from them. I did do my LifeLift Breathing everyday though. I didn't really do a workout. In other words, I simply did a few breaths when I remembered to get them worked in. I really can't do more than 3 or 4 of these breaths without being totally winded, so, I do some while ironing. Some while doing the dishes. Some while grocery shopping. You get the point. Sometimes I would do a flex or stretch, sometimes just the breath.

Here is what is so exciting! Since Tuesday, yes, that is really just 4 days, I have lost 5 pounds AND 6.5"!!! That is pretty incredible. I lost .5 from my ribs, 1 from my waist, 1.5 from the lower abs., 1 from the hips, .5 from the right thigh, 1 from the left thigh, .25 from each calve, and .5 from my left arm! If I added correctly that adds up to 6.5 inches! Just had to share. Have a great day!


Well, I measured this a.m. and lost another 2.5", but gained 2 lbs. In the past three weeks, I have missed breathing about 6 days, so I'm really impressed with my results. But, there are days that I do extra breaths ... and I'm finding this to be very good advice!!! My total loss since starting LifeLift is 7" and 1 lb.

Honestly, the changes in my body are amazing to me and like I posted yesterday, my clothes are reflecting more of a loss than the measuring tape and obviously the scale ...if you are one of those people who are obsessed with the scale or the tape, and get discouraged if it doesn't reflect anything, then maybe put them away for awhile and let your clothes be the guide.

Tij, you said your arms are improving ...mine too! My arms look big for my body, but there's definite improvement. This was an area I never did measure, but now I can wear some sleeveless shirts. Actually even when I weighed 120 lbs., my arms still looked a little big for my frame, but now at least they have some definition and that makes a huge difference. Everyone have a great night and keep breathing! Tara

I've been doing LifeLift for about a week now and NOT dieting and I've been going out to a lot of birthday dinners for my husbands birthday and in fact in the week with all the eating I've lost a pound! I love this.

Thanks again

Hi all you youngsters, 50 was a hard one for me and at 60 I didn't care anymore! By the way if there are anymore "older" ladies out there I found a real benefit from this deep breathing. Cuts the hot flashes by about 50%. This is the first year I can wear bulky sweaters since I went off the hormone pills without wanting to rip them off in the middle of a hot flash. Love this group, you are all so helpful!


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