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LifeLift Success Stories...

For years I've aerobicized, run, lifecycled and pounded myself to exhaustion, with far less than satisfactory results. I would always lose where I shouldn't, with little or no results in my problem areas. LifeLift has changed that. I was astounded to see that I lost almost 7" in my 1st session, and only where I wanted to.

Hillary King Flye
Marin County, CA

The benefits are amazing. Your LifeLift aerobic breathing has increased my strength, stamina, body toning, and done wonders for my digestion. Everyone tells me how lean I look and I have maintained the same weight for 7 years now using your program. I love every product I have ever purchased from you. I am especially enthused about the vitamin K cream, for spider veins. I tell everyone I can about your LifeLift video and your products.

Patte McGee
Sausalito, CA

I just finished doing my first LifeLift workout. Wow! I'm still out of breath...I was impressed with how long you can hold your breaths, I couldn't keep up with you!

I really enjoyed listening to your soothing, calm and confident voice, you represent an ideal that we can all achieve.

True liberation at last! No more diet pills or gruesome hours at the gym! Thank you! I find that you are an excellent teacher! Your descriptions are very precise, and you give us plenty of time to get into each position with you. I did the Body Flex routine many years ago and I find you so different from Greer Childers...She came across as harsh and hyper. I didn't like the title of her recent book either, something like "Be a loser" (How inspiring...). I find you on the other hand, so loving and nurturing. I picture you as a nourishing force for the universe, which might be your true calling in life... By the way, have you written a book yet? About the LifeLift program? I'm sure that it would become a bestseller!

Keep in touch, when you have time...I appreciate you very much!

Love, Diane

We get so haphazard about actually doing LifeLift with the video, but it makes us feel soooo much better when we do it with the video and actually focus. I love to do the video in the a.m. before work, and when I get to work I feel so relaxed and energetic!! So...get those lungs ready and you start that breathing again!! Wait--let's do two together right now.... 1....blowout through the golden straw, breath in life giving oxygen, pahhhhhhhhhh and SHRINK---- 2 blow out whewwwww, breath in and expand the tummy, pahhhhhhh and SHRINK. Ahhhh I feel much better now.

Loving LIFE(LIFT),

The main difference with LifeLift and body flex is that with LifeLift you stay aware of the whole process, making sure you empty and fill totally. One person on this list found that her lung capacity was actually decreased after doing body flex for a while. When she started doing LifeLift she was able to regain the lung oxygenation capacity again. Besides that we have the creator of LifeLift right here on line to answer our questions, give love and support and generally be our cyber mom. I have learned so much from being a part of this list. I believe I am a softer, kinder person just from hanging out with these great listers. I am certainly more motivated to do my breathing and stretching regularly. I have lost some weight and the inches are coming off. I am a pretty happy camper.


After being referred by her wonderful sister-in-law, Charlotta Sponhotz came from China to experience the complete LifeLift program. After doing LifeLift and using our products she lost 45 lbs. And decreased from a size 14 to an 8 in only 2 and 1/2 months.

Charlotta Sponhotz

I recommend LifeLift to everyone - especially those who have tried everything and feel desperate. I lost 5" in 2 days.

Shari McComb
Laguna Hills, CA

This is amazing! Can I tell you that I have done LifeLift for only 3 days, skipping one, and the results are crazy. In 3 sessions I have lost one inch from my chest, .5 inch from my abdomen, one from my waist and half and inch from my thighs. My sister tried it with me once but felt it could not do anything, but I am going to be living proof in my home!

Thank you, Rashelle.
Lisa V

I know that you had mentioned several times that you were getting great results with trying to grow out your previous hair disaster. I must confess that I've been just a bit jealous of you, because mine is still so short. I had to keep it less than 1/2 an inch for a very long time, due to some infections caused by the diabetes. Since using Life Lift, I have noticed that the sores are gone and my hair is finally starting to grow, and it is looking quite healthy. I've been searching for a good hair care line, and this sounds like it might be right up my alley. Rashelle has such healthy, long hair, it seems like only a dream, that mine could ever be like that again. I've been using what she teaches in the Victory Theory tapes to visualizing my hair and nails the way I would like them to be. I have noticed that my nails are much less fragile and, as I said earlier, my hair is finally starting to grow. You make a strong case for Rashelle's products and if they're as great as the other items I've had the privilege to try, I would say the hair care line would be a true winner!


When I started LifeLift, I felt so much better that I didn't want the junk food anymore. I also do LifeLift with the pat on the belly to help too. As far as exercising, I do my LifeLift twice a day if possible. I do it for half an hour or so in the mornings so I get the extra energy. At night it helps me calm down and get ready for bed with my NIGHT MAGIC GEL from Rashelle's Body Wrap products. I have had the greatest results with LifeLift, it's a must on a daily basis. Just take a few extra breaths during the day and the results will be tremendous.

I started a size 16 and 204 lbs. I was the heaviest of my life after quitting smoking and I was pretty discouraged. I have had a weight problem most of my life and I was nearly at the end of my rope. Now I am a size 10 and 160 lbs. I have so much energy now and I have a better outlook on life. I think I am getting pretty sexy now too :-). I've always heard "she has such a pretty face" when it comes to my weight problem. Well now I am getting the body to match that face. I am toning up and losing cellulite too thanks to Rashelle's skin care line. It's a great combination with LifeLift. I do breaths all day long and it really helps me out at work in the afternoon. After a few breaths in the ladies room, I am ready to tackle the rest of the day.

Michele S.

I am up to 40 per day and the results are fabulous. I am a 69 year old grandfather and a health nut.

M. Mackenzie
Johannesburg, South Africa

The results I have achieved from using your LifeLift program have been extraordinary. Long standing chronic discomfort and pain in my neck has disappeared. I sleep deeper and awaken more refreshed. My body shape has changed and my double chin has disappeared. Even more important than the afore mentioned benefits, I find your voice and tone to be soothing and healing at a much deeper level than just the body, it reaches to a person's spirit.

Dr. Christopher J. Hegerty

I just wanted to say thank you for creating the LifeLift program. I have been doing the breathing for the last couple of weeks and I feel so much better. I am seeing results that I did not see with Bodyflex. I get more of a work out too and I'm sweating when I am finished. I do various positions with your breathing. I like to do it in the morning so I get lots of energy for the day. I have noticed a big difference in my abs and in my thighs. The cottage cheese look is starting to go away on the front of my thighs as well as the back. I even noticed a difference in my double chin. It's almost gone from doing your technique. So thank you so much for being such a patient woman with all of us. I do appreciate it. I just feel so much healthier in the last couple of weeks. You inspire me!!!!

Big Hugs

It's 1:30 a.m. and I just finished my first Life Lift experience! Unbelievable!!! Rashelle, you are a fabulous teacher. I've done Bodyflex off and on for the last few years, and the main reason I stopped was that my head, neck and shoulders ached so much afterwards that it just didn't seem worth it. This was such a totally different experience--gentle yet invigorating--I simply can't say enough! I also love the permission to "act like a child"--remembering the delight with which my girls blow bubbles in their drinks when they have straws brings me great joy each time I exhale and try to be more like them. Thanks so much. I've ordered the Victory theory tonight--can't wait for that!


I really had to look twice at the measurements because I couldn't believe my eyes, 18" lost vanished by breathing. This is the best. I really started watching what I eat too. Rashelle, thank you so much. I feel so much better. I am getting compliments about losing weight and I really haven't lost any pounds, just inches. I am thrilled to death. Journey on Life Lifters.


Just wanted to share a little of my progress with you. I started out doing BF over 2 months ago. I lost some inches. I'm 5/8" and have always been pretty slim but flabby. But since I've been doing your LifeLift breath and especially those standing pelvic tilts where you really squeeze your butt - well, I am really seeing changes in my hips. I haven't lost any more inches there but it is definitely rearranging! I feel now that it's really possible for me to be less of a "pear" (I never even dared to hope for that before).


The LifeLift breath is also less stressful than BF. On the BF pah, you forcefully exhale the air and on the LifeLift it is more controlled. In fact I find the slower more precise I do the breathing the better the lift. Also, when I breathe in the car while traveling and my husband doesn't even know I'm doing it. You can let the air out without making a sound. Hope this helps.

New Mexico

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