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This booklet was created to help you get the most from your Life Lift aerobic breathing video. If you are not using the Life Lift video you may find very useful information in helping you improve your goal setting skills. My hope is that it will inspire you to remember to take good deep breaths as you go about your daily life. Remember, Oxygen is the key to life! All living things need oxygen. Animals, plants, and certainly you and I need oxygen. You and I need oxygen every moment of every day whether we are sleeping or awake. You can improve the quality of your life dramatically if you improve the way you breathe. Feed every cell in your body the nourishment it needs most, oxygen. Now come on, no matter what else you are doing right now, take a good deep breath.
This booklet should answer many of your questions, so I suggest you keep it for future reference.

Are you ready to feel better than you ever have in your life?

Congratulations! You have just made the decision to change your life for the better!

How to get the most from your ORIGINAL Life Lift Aerobic Breathing video.

I designed this video in a way that would allow you to customize your own workout. Use it not only for instruction, but also as your own personal tool kit. Make it your own and you will be more successful in making your dreams of a healthy, fit body reality.

After you have learned to do the Life Lift breathing technique correctly from the original video you may want to progress to the workout videos designed with a complete body workout. There are several to choose from. You may be like many who love the Life Lift breathing technique so much that they alternate their workout videos daily to keep a fresh attitude and to keep the body responding better to the new abundance of oxygen. Alternating your workout seems to help the body resist going into a plateau. Results often seem better when you do a different workout every so often. When working with athletes in the past I have found that the body responds better if you can give your body a break from the same workout routine daily.

This video is meant to help you realize your goals. First you have to set them. Here make a list of things you would like to accomplish by using Life Lift.

Some examples would be:

  1. To have more energy

  2. To sleep better

  3. To have less stress

  4. To eliminate some pounds and inches permanently without dieting

  5. To increase my self esteem

  6. To learn to nurture myself more, to relax and enjoy life

  7. To have better skin

  8. To look and feel younger (Life Lift has been found to be anti-aging)

  9. To strengthen my immune system

  10. To have better muscle tone

  11. To increase my physical strength

  12. To improve digestion and elimination

  13. To find relief from incontinence (Life Lift has a built in Kegal exercise)

Now create your own list. Prioritize the list for yourself.

  1. _____________________________________________________

  2. _____________________________________________________

  3. _____________________________________________________

  4. _____________________________________________________

  5. _____________________________________________________

  6. _____________________________________________________

  7. _____________________________________________________

  8. _____________________________________________________

  9. _____________________________________________________

  10. _____________________________________________________

  11. _____________________________________________________

  12. _____________________________________________________

  13. _____________________________________________________

  14. _____________________________________________________

  15. _____________________________________________________

Put your list where you can see it daily and when you feel too tired, too distracted or too discouraged to breathe, just remember how just a few good breaths can change the way you feel and look, right now. Take a slow sniff up, then a slow deep breath out. do this three times and then add a few of your actual Life Lift breaths to whatever else you may be doing.

You have all the tools you need to do this right inside of you. You have made the small investment into buying your video so that you could follow along to know that you are doing your Life Lift breathing correctly, now all you need for the rest of your life is your own body. Now commit yourself to follow through.

You deserve to be as healthy and fit and stress free as you want to be. Now go for it!

If you need my help I am here. My e-mail address is at the bottom of this message and all you need to do is write me. I will be here for you every step of the way.

I will automatically send you updates when I change or add something new to the breathing technique to improve it if you are subscribed to the free newsletter.

O.K. Now are you ready to feel better than you ever have in your life?

In the first section of the video I will teach you how to do the basic Life Lift breath. I have been teaching this for many years and I have never found anyone who cannot do it. Even children can do it. I know you can too.

If you feel for any reason that the pah, breath out is too intense, modify it. I often teach people to think of the pah as a breath going deep into the bottom of the belly. Remember to keep it as a total air sound. Think of a suction, a vacuum pulling your breath down from your mouth to the deepest part of your belly.

The different positions that I show in the video are designed to help you sculpt your body. The basic Life Lift breath always works the abdomen . Since most men have problems with their waistlines and stomach's this is one of the reasons they enjoy Life Lift so much. The other positions will help you target your problem areas. Play with the different positions until you feel comfortable with each of them, then pick your favorites. After you get familiar with the different positions it is good to pick 3 or 4 to do daily. Do each position for 3 to 10 breaths. This way you will focus the oxygen to specific muscles and you will not get tired of doing the same ones all of the time. Soon you will be able to graduate to the 15/20 minute workout videos where you will be able to work out with me without having to think about doing the Life Lift breath correctly.

For now the main thing is to master the Life Lift breath. Ultimately it is the most important part of this video!

At the end of the video you will find instructions for the all-natural acupressure face lift. I figured if you are going to want to get your body in the best shape possible, you would certainly want your face to look as good.

Frequently asked questions and answers.

How many Life Lift breaths should I do and how often?

To lose weight and inches I suggest that you do about 40 Life Lift breaths daily until you reach your goal. This is the equivalent of about 20 minutes daily. When you begin following the new workout videos you will be doing your breaths at a slower, more precise tempo, so you will need to do less repetitions. You can get a great workout in 15 minutes. Lately I have been telling people to try to incorporate it into their daily lives, doing a few here and there when you are doing other things like sitting at your computer, tighten your hind end and breathe, rather than just sitting there. It is also great to do when you are in your tub or shower, get into the standing pelvic tilt if you are in the shower, if you are in the bathtub, just flex your fanny and breathe. When you are brushing your hair, putting on makeup, driving your car, just standing. Just do a few breaths and watch the stress disappear, and see your inches and pounds leave you too. I have noticed a remarkable increase in amazing testimonials telling me of wonderful results in not only inch and weight loss, but healing from those suffering from illness and disease.

When you reach your goal, or if you are doing it only to build your immune system, get healthier, sleep better, keep your muscles toned, reduce stress, etc. or just for maintenance-then 5 or 10 minutes 3 or 4 days a week is usually sufficient. Doing Life Lift is so simple that you can do it anywhere that it is convenient. Let it become a natural part of your life. I find that if I am feeling stressed or tired or just thinking about wanting to look better that I will do it several times a day, usually just 5 or 10 breaths, (about 2 to 5 minutes). It makes me feel soooo much better. I have incorporated it into my life. You can make it a natural part of your life too. Breathing right is the most important and valuable gift you can give yourself. And it is so easy. It is a natural high. When you learn to do it right you will get that famous endorphin high that runner's talk about, without any stress to your skeletal structure, instead you will be nurturing your body to be stronger and healthier.

How do I know if it is working?

Remember that each person is an individual. It may not feel the same to everyone. It is common to feel light headed, especially if you are not used to working out. If you are one of the lucky ones you may get the endorphin high. Some people feel tingly all over from the increase in circulation.

Some people experience an extreme energy boost some times and other times may feel so relaxed that they will start to yawn. This is normal.

Often people feel tighter and more toned after one session, yet some people will take longer to notice this feeling.

There are so many factors that contribute to your results and your experience such as medications you may be taking, how many times you have dieted, how fast your metabolism is functioning, your age, your state of health, how much you are trying to lose. This is a good reason to target goals other than just weight and inch loss. There are so many benefits and if you are focusing on all of the benefits of doing your Life Lift breaths you will stay on track and not be so hard on yourself if you do not start by having a dramatic inch and weight loss immediately.

How do I check my progress?

It is a great idea to measure yourself before you start your Life Lift program. Many people see an inch loss after their first session doing Life Lift. If you are one of the lucky ones it can be pretty inspiring to see the changes. If it takes you longer, then you can make adjustments to your workout by trying different things. Often people prefer to see the difference in the way their clothes fit. Do what makes you feel most comfortable.
I personally do not own a scale. I believe that you will be so much more successful if you gauge your success by how much better you feel and just measure every week or so, rather than standing on a scale every day. First of all there are so many factors that will contribute to your weight fluctuating daily and you may become discouraged if you are feeling the pressure of that scale staring you in the face every day. Muscle weighs much more than fat and as you lose fat inches you may actually gain muscle weight as you become more toned. Years ago I was in a car accident and did not do Life Lift for awhile, I found that I was the same size, yet my muscles were flabby and not as well-toned. When I got on a scale I realized I had lost about 15 pounds. It was muscle weight I had lost. I know I look better now that I have the extra 15 pounds back because it is good, heavy, muscle tone.

It is common for someone to lose 16 or more inches and yet only lose a couple of pounds of weight, so rely on a tape measure instead of a scale to see your best results.

Should I hold the flex during the whole Life Lift breath or just at the end when holding my breath during the "Lift"?

Either way is fine. Do what is comfortable for you. When you flex or stretch a muscle you are drawing the oxygen to the point of stress. The oxygen is rushing to the muscle you have flexed or stretched to heal, thus the benefit is toning and firming that specific muscle area.

How intense should I do the exercises?

Because of my years of training in the health and fitness field, I believe strongly that slow, precise movements are much more effective than quick, intense movements. I also know that if you become too intense you may burn yourself out easily. One of the things that is so appealing about the Life Lift program is that it is so easy, manageable and nurturing. I feel certain that the reason I have so many people who have maintained their results for so many years using Life Lift is because it is so easy to do and it feels so good. If you will create a program for yourself using Life Lift as a way to relax and nurture yourself it will be easy to do Life Lift for your Lifetime.

When is the best time to do Life Lift?

A good time is before eating, however new studies show that it is ok and may even be beneficial to do your Life Lift breathing shortly after eating, Usually 15 minutes if you have eaten a full meal. Because you are tightening the abdomen area it is easier to do and more comfortable if your stomach is not too full.

Another reason to do Life Lift without a full stomach is to maximize the effect of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Life Lift is a natural way to release this "Youth Hormone," which you may have read about. HGH is a natural substance abundant in young people, proven to burn fat, tone muscles, increase energy, improve skin tone and speed up reflexes. Increased HGH in older people can turn back the clock. I have studied the effects of HGH for many years and believe it to be vital to preserve the benefits that have previously been reserved only for the biologically young person. I have personally seen the positive effects of Life Lift on so many people without having to spend large sums of money on expensive supplements to try to achieve the results to creating HGH. By contrast Life Lift is totally natural and safe as well as yours free for the rest of your life once you have learned the breathing technique.

Do I have to do 20 minutes at once or can I break it up?

You can break it up if that will help you to do it more often. When I first started teaching Life Lift I would have people do the full 20 minutes all at once and the results were most often very dramatic. I would have them break up the sessions after that just to make it easier for them. However I noticed that those who continued doing the full 40 Life Lift breaths at once seemed to continue to have better results. It is a great idea to add some extra to your day as you are standing in front of a mirror brushing your hair, sitting at your computer or in your car, while watching television, or while you are washing dishes. Just think of all the possibilities. Whenever you are doing anything that does not require you to use your mouth you can do some extra Life Lift breaths. I love it when I am traveling because I can do it in a hotel room. My doctor loves to do it when she is out walking. Think of Life Lift as your life enhancement and you will find it becoming second nature. Do it just to feel better daily.

Who should not do Life Lift?

If you have not been exercising regularly you should consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. If you are pregnant, consult your doctor. Life Lift is very detoxing and in the beginning stages of pregnancy you should do everything possible to protect your unborn child. If you have any concerns take the tape to your doctor and have him review it. I have not been told of a doctor who found Life Lift to be harmful, however you should trust your own personal doctor. He is the expert in his field and he knows your situation. Let him make the ultimate decision.
If you have uncontrolled high blood pressure consult your doctor. You will see many testimonials telling us that someone lowered their blood pressure using Life Lift, however these were people who had their blood pressure under control with the help of their doctor before they began the program.
Consult your doctor if you have glaucoma, again, your doctor may approve the program for you.

The above list is the only known list of possible contraindications. If you have any questions about the safety of using Life Lift for yourself. It is your responsibility to consult your doctor before using this or any other exercise program. Life Lift and it's distributors assume no liability if you chose to use the program. We encourage you to listen to your doctors advice on all health matters.

Some have asked if it is O.K. to do Life Lift if they smoke, have asthma, or cough, or have other lung conditions. Life Lift can actually be very beneficial for people with these conditions.

If you have arthritis, or limited movements for other reasons, Life Lift can be an incredible addition to your life, since it is designed with positions that will nurture your body rather than tearing down the skeletal structure like traditional aerobic exercises can often do. If you have difficulty with any position simply modify it so it works for you. It should never be painful. Life Lift can be done effectively when sitting in a chair or lying down. I have taught many people while in wheel chairs. Life Lift increases strength, flexibility, and stamina so it is wonderful for those with limited capabilities, yet athletes love what it does to improve their performance.

Do I have to wear anything special to do the Life Lift program?

No. One of the most appealing things about the Life Lift program is that you can do it anywhere, wearing anything. I rarely change my clothes to do a workout. The only thing this program requires is your body and your commitment to improve yourself.

How does Life Lift work? Where does the fat go since people have actually lost several inches in just a few sessions of doing Life Lift?

Life Lift sets off a series of events that results in your body absorbing more oxygen that it normally does. This extra oxygen is what brings so much benefit to your whole being. In addition to the HGH released by Life Lift, which is discussed above.

With each breath throughout the day we take in oxygen and create carbon dioxide, which we exhale. The carbon dioxide builds up in your body to a certain level and sets off the next inhalation.

Paradoxical as it may seem, carbon dioxide is actually the key to affecting the level of oxygen in your blood. The Life Lift breathing process, during the time you are holding your breath out, allows the level of carbon dioxide in your bloodstream to build up beyond the point at which you normally would inhale. This puts your body on high alert for oxygen. Your body has many ways to adjust itself to changing priorities, which you can observe throughout the day. A shortage of any vital nutrient, including oxygen, triggers a host of responses. In this situation your body becomes extremely receptive to any incoming oxygen. When you finally inhale, that oxygen is sucked up through your lungs and rushed to the bloodstream., and most of all to where muscles have been flexed or stretched. It rushes to that point to heal, thus toning and firming the muscle.

This cycle of high levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen alternating may be what tells your body you are functioning as a highly physical being, triggering it to release more HGH (human growth hormone) so you can be as physically young as your performance needs indicate you need to be. In contrast, if you sit around all day, your HGH levels will fall off. Your body will give you what you tell it, by your actions, you need. If you need nothing-indicated by no activity and lots of food- it will power down into cruise control at a low level. If you rev up the circulatory systems, your body will say, "Hey, we got a live one here," and put in the high-performance ingredients you need to have a high-performance body and mind. Life Lift is the best way we know to rev up your body and get it to come fully alive.

With Life Lift you are directly adding oxygen, which invigorates your brain (amazingly, your brain uses 20% of the oxygen you breathe.) That same oxygen alters your acid/alkaline balance to where it is supposed to be, thus supporting your immune system, and breaking down accumulated toxic waste and the chemicals released by stress so they can be made harmless and eliminated. Life Lift will generally boost your energy and relax you, depending on what you need.

What kind of testimonials do you have about the Life Lift program?

We have received thousands of remarkable, often called miraculous testimonials. They can be seen on our web sites, on the video sleeves and in our brochures. I love to share them because they may contain an answer you are searching for. Because someone else was kind enough to take the time to share their success, it may increase the chances of you achieving the goals you are after. After all, as I often say, inspiration is as important as instruction.

Here are just a few of those testimonials:

One woman from New Zealand let us know that after suffering from panic attacks that had her life out of control, she started the Life Lift program and after receiving specific directions from me to combine her breaths with positive visualizations to change the focus from what was making her feel panicked, she called her results "miraculous." She felt that she became more able to focus on the positive things that she desired and was able to overcome the feelings of being out of control.

I recently heard from a woman who says that she has suffered from migraine headaches that were destroying her life. She felt that she was so unable to function that she sometimes felt suicidal. She told me that she had been praying for an answer. She feels strongly that Life Lift is the answer. Her doctor was so amazed at the changes in her since starting the Life Lift program that he is doing studies on the Life Lift program.
Today she sent a message telling me that her husband is thrilled with her inch and weight loss too!

If you want to see more stories about how others just like you have improved problems with asthma, high blood pressure, stress, diabetes, and the list goes on, just visit the web sites from time to time, they are updated often. Let the success of others help support you in making your dreams a reality.

Since so many who use and love Life Lift requested new workout videos with no instruction, just great total body workouts from start to finish, I listened and responded, so now available on my personal web sites are:

  • Workout #One: A 20 minute full body workout Excellent leg and thigh workout

  • Work out #Two: A 15 minute full body workout Excellent leg and thigh workout

  • Stretch Band video: includes stretch bands, total body workout, gives you that extra oomph. Excellent abdomen, thigh, leg and arm workouts

  • Reflexology with Life Lift: Heal and strengthen your body. Great for stimulating digestion for weight and inch loss.

  • Oxygen Zoo, Fitness for You, Be Fit and Trim at the Animal Gym: This video has won world wide acclaim for it's value to educate and entertain. It is designed for the whole family. Children as young as 2 are using it, along with a great workout for Mom and Dad. It includes positive messages for building self-esteem as well as healthy habits in all areas of life. A real winner.

For more detailed descriptions of these videos, check my web sites, listed below.

Give yourself the gift of total success in every area of your life. The Victory Theory success series cassette tapes are designed to help you not only reach your goals, but to keep them permanently. You do deserve to have all your good dreams come true!

    Your stories are inspiring to me. Please contact me and let me know about your wonderful results.

    Phone 1-888-45-ANGEL or 415-332-TRIM(8746)

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