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A Mother of Two and
Grandmother in her 60's
Learn her Non-Impact
Aerobic Breathing Workout and Her Health and Beauty Program

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What can changing the way you breathe do for you? Everything!

Here is a detailed description of each video.

I designed the Original Life Lift video in a way that would allow you to customize your own workout. Use it not only for instruction, but also as your own personal tool kit. Make it your own and you will be more successful in making your dreams of a healthy, fit body reality.

After you have learned to do the Life Lift breathing technique correctly from the Original video you may want to progress to the workout videos designed with a complete body workout. There are several to choose from. You may be like many who love the Life Lift breathing technique so much that they alternate their workout videos daily to keep a fresh attitude and to keep the body responding better to the new abundance of oxygen. Alternating your workout seems to help the body resist going into a plateau. Results often seem better when you do a different workout every so often. When working with athletes in the past I have found that the body responds better if you can give your body a break from the same workout routine daily.

Workout #One: A 20 minute full body workout Excellent leg and thigh workout. More standing, ballet type exercises. Good inner thigh poses.
You can read Linda's testimonial that says " I feel like a new person each time I do the Workout#1 video. The time goes so quickly and I feel so good after each workout. I alternate all of the videos, but Workout #1 is my favorite!"

Work out #Two: A 15 minute full body workout Excellent leg and thigh workout. Many of these exercises are done from a chair, but don't let that fool you. These are some of the best total leg positions I have ever used. Some even target your knees. Excellent for those wanting to either strengthen their knees or trim them down. You will find you are working your arms when you push off from the chair as well as beginning positions.
You can read Caroline's testimonial that says "I did Workout #2 this morning. What an awesome leg and arm workout! "

Stretch Band video: includes stretch bands, total body workout, gives you that extra oomph. Excellent abdomen, thigh, leg and arm workouts
This is a wonderful workout if you want to get the most from your workout in the least amount of time. It is about 17 minutes long.
Here is what Claudia says about the Stretch Band video " I LOVE the stretch band workout. I get the feeling of resistance that I love and the toning, all without injury, plus the benefit of all that oxygen! I love it!"

Reflexology with Life Lift: Heal and strengthen your body. Great for stimulating digestion for weight and inch loss. This seems to be one of the big favorites of a lot of people. It also contains the acupressure natural Face-Lift. It makes a great cool down video for just before bedtime.
Here is what Lisa had to say about it;
"Hello everyone,I just got done doing the reflexology video for the very first time, and the best way to describe it is OH MY GOSH! I honestly had no idea it has a workout with it. I thought she just showed you which points to massage,that itself would of been worth the price. Now I know why everyone does this one after their workout. It is so relaxing and invigorating at the same time if that makes any sense. Well it looks like I'll be adding another video after my workout #1, in the afternoon just like many of you seem to do already."

Oxygen Zoo-FUN 4 You: This video is great for children of all ages, with any body type. All children need to learn to use their bodies better, they need to learn better ways to view the food they eat. This video addresses the importance of keeping the body fueled with healthy food, water and oxygen.
This video has won world wide acclaim for it's value to educate and entertain. It is designed for the whole family. Children as young as 2 are using it, along with a great total body workout for Mom and Dad. It includes positive messages for building self-esteem as well as healthy habits in all areas of life. A real winner.

Here is what Dr. Gregory Orcutt says about the OxygenZoo video

Rashelle Haines has successfully filled a gap in today's health care system. Oxygen Zoo provides a much needed therapy for our children. Most of the problems we have as adults stem from lack of proper training and utilization of the body's full potential. Not enough can be said as to the value of proper breathing exercises. I suggest to my patients that the whole family follow the video together.

Dr. Gregory Orcutt

Here is what Claudia has to say about all the video tapes "I did tape #1 and stretch band workout (my favorite:) and of course the reflexology tape ( my other favorite). This morning I did original LifeLift tape (another favorite, okay, okay, they are all my favorites:) and reflexology. I thought about using another workout tape hoping to speed up my fat loss, but I only get as far as putting the tape in, and then I see it and turn it off! I am just spoiled with LifeLift, nothing else will do! Every other workout ends up hurting me (I have prior injuries from weights and car accidents) LifeLift only nurtures, and you just cannot beat that! Thanks Rashelle!"

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