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The Haines Collection
The Original Herbal Body Wrap Set
for Exceptional in home Inch Loss and Toxin Release

The perfect complement to your LifeLift weight and inch loss program!

Dream of being thin? Can you imagine losing inches and weight while you sleep?

You can do more than imagine it now!

What are the Herbal Body Wrap Products?

Don't confuse our Body Wrap products with all the others. I have tested these personally for well over 13 years and I have never found anything to compare. I use these products faithfully. I would not be without them as part of my ageless beauty regime.

The Haines Collection Herbal Body Wrap system is an all-natural way to reduce inches, slenderize your body, reduce toxins, smooth your skin, improve your body shape and tighten and firm your skin in the privacy of your own home. The body wrap products produce therapeutic and cosmetic benefits by cleansing the body of toxins, reducing inches and leaving your skin smoother and softer.

Is it Healthy for my body to use these Herbal Body Wrap Products?
Yes, using our Herbal Body Wrap products can also improve your overall health by DETOXIFYING your body. The Haines Collection formulas are created to release fat from your body's cells into the lymphatic system. The fat is then carried out of the body naturally through normal elimination. The fat is PERMANENTLY eliminated! It is even wonderful to use on your face to keep it tight and firm. Great for reducing a double chin!

It is important that you drink plenty of water while using the Herbal Body Wrap system to transport the toxins from you body through good elimination.

Will the Body Wrap system help me to lose weight as well as inches?
While the ingredients in the Herbal Body Wrap products are taking off inches and detoxifying your body it is natural to experience some weight loss as well.

Who should use these Body Wrap Products?
Anyone who wants to tone, tighten and improve the look and texture of their skin, including people with loose skin from weight loss or pregnancy. That is another reason why this is such a superb addition to your LifeLift Aerobic Breathing Program.
These are excellent and safe products for everyone who wants to look and feel their best.

Can you really lose fat and inches without dieting?
Yes you can, with the combination of the LifeLift Aerobic Breathing program and our Herbal Body Wrap Products!
I suggest you apply the Herbal Body Wrap Products when you do your LifeLift breathing for the best results possible.

Is the inch loss permanent?
The benefits of creating a permanent and natural inch loss with Body wrapping comes from the therapeutic treatment that works by actually SHRINKING the fat cells. The treatment dissolves toxins in the fat cells. The inch loss is not a temporary water loss nor is it caused by compression.

How much will I lose with the Herbal Body Wrap products? How often will I need to use the products?
The results you will achieve will depend on many factors. One is how often you use the products and how much water you drink while you are using them. You should see great results to tighten and firm loose skin. To maximize your results, I recommend that you use the products each day. You will use the Cellulite and Fat Reduction Cream in the morning and the Night Magic at bedtime. You will use the Herbal and Aloe Body wash when you shower or bathe. For maintenance and to continue detoxification, I recommend that you use the products at least 3 times a week.

Will I get the same benefits from using these Herbal Body Wrap products that I would receive from a salon body wrap?
The results you will achieve can be as good or possibly even better, and you will save a small fortune. It would cost you more for one salon Herbal Body Wrap than it will cost you for the entire Haines Collection Herbal Body Wrap system. How is that for great news? How do I know? I used to offer the Salon Body Wraps in my own LifeLift Healthy and Fitness Center.

Do I have to actually wrap myself to get results?
No. You do not have to wrap yourself in order to achieve results. Some do enjoy using wrapping over the Herbal Body Wrap products, but it is not necessary. Some of our most successful clients use pantyhose or neoprene shorts or waist belts over their products to increase the warmth, which seems to magnify the results. I usually just apply the product, get dressed and off I go. I love to make it as easy as possible. I do take a roll of saran wrap when I travel and I wrap my waist and stomach at bedtime. My hubby does too. He loves it as much as I do!

What can you expect from your Herbal Body Wrap Cellulite and Fat Reduction system?

    • Reduce Cellulite!
    • 100% Safe
    • Lose Inches after Your First Use!
    • Spot Reduce in Problem Areas!
    • Feel Healthy and Energetic! Removes toxins from your body
    • Safe enough to use on your face for tightening and firming.
    • Excellent to tighten a double chin!

The program consists of 3 separate easy to use products.

  • Aloe and Herbal Face and Body Wash
    You begin with the Aloe and Herbal Body wash
    The Aloe and Herbal Face and Body wash is an extraordinary face and body wash used to clean out clogged pores to allow the Fat and Cellulite Reduction Cream and the Night Magic Fat and Toxin Release Gel to penetrate to give you better success. Using the enzyme rich Aloe Vera and coconut oil Herbal Body Wash can leave your skin feeling like silk. The enzymes in the Aloe Vera actually sloughs off dead skin cells from the surface. This wash also deep cleans to eliminate clogged pores, while retaining and restoring moisture to the skin. This product is excellent for all skin types. There is no water added so it is very concentrated. You will adore that soothing feeling you get with this wash. The Aloe and Herbal NIGHT MAGIC GEL must penetrate to be effective, so you must have clean pores, not clogged with bar soap or lotions. The enzyme active Aloe and Herbal Face and Body Wash will penetrate deep into the pores to clean away sebum, pollution, and exfoliates dry and dead cells from the surface of the skin. It doesn't get any better than this!
  • Cellulite and Fat Reduction Cream
    The second step is replacing your daily body cream with the Cellulite and Fat Reduction Cream. It contains no aminophyline and is composed of a special blend of botanicals extracted with a unique process. The Haines Collection Cellulite and Fat Reduction Cream may reduce fat cell size anywhere on the body. The medically proven European formula combines natural plant extracts and seaweed.
  • Night Magic Toxin and Inch Loss Gel
    This is a spectacular blend of Natural Herbs and Aloe Vera, which combine to remove inches while you sleep. Apply the clear gel at night and allow the herbs to slim you down while you sleep.
    NIGHT MAGIC Toxin and Inch Loss Gel
    is an enriched formula that is created from the same herbs used in an salon type HERBAL BODY WRAP made in a gel form that is smoothed into the skin for easy application at bedtime. The benefits can be exceptional inch loss and toxin release while you sleep! The Aloe and Herbal NIGHT MAGIC GEL must penetrate to be effective, so you must have clean pores not clogged with bar soap or lotions. The enzyme active Aloe and Herbal Face & Body Wash is ideal to penetrate deep into the pores to clean away sebum, pollution, and exfoliates dry and dead cells from the surface of the skin.

The Herbal Body Wrap system complete kit will last for one to three months for the average person. Of course it will depend on how much you use and how often. It will also depend on the area you are covering.

This is a luxurious Herbal Body Wrap program that you can use in the comfort of your own home!


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