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Rashelle's Daily Beauty Regime'

Here is the regimen that I have used that has helped me improve my skin texture and tone even though I am celebrating my 59th birthday this month. I love sharing my secrets with you!

I use the FACE & BODY GLOW because it is a pure herbal and aloe formula that unplugs the pores and leaves my skin feeling like pure silk. It is so rich because it is not full of water, instead it is the pure herbs and aloe vera. My skin is very sensitive and yet I have not allergic reaction so I don't have to worry about itchy skin. You can completely replace your soap for your face and body with this rich, luxurious gel soap.

Natural Face Lift Face, Body and Hand Masking Kit

The very best product I have ever found for my face is the Natural Face Lift Face and Body Masking Kit that has the most amazing properties I have seen to date for firming the skin. 

I use it on my face daily and the difference when I do and don't is remarkable. When I am getting ready to wear a bathing suit, I always use it all over my body. It tightens the skin like nothing I have ever found. The only reason I have not added it to the line before is that the ingredients are a bit expensive and I was not sure how well it would be receive but, I have felt guilty keeping it to myself, so I will be adding it. It consists of a masking powder and an activator liquid that is mixed together just before each application. Why is there such a difference in the skin appearance and texture? The ingredients in each product are from natural health food sources so that the purity can be guaranteed to enhance the skin texture. The EGG supplies the protein that is so essential for healthy skin growth. The Honey is a natural moisturizer and the herbs in the powder are chosen for stimulation. The Aloe Vera supplies the enzymes that allow for the penetration of the product and exfoliation of surface skin cells. The ginseng is for stimulation and the blueberry is added for its aromatherapy values. 

Some of the benefits are improvement of brown spots, wind and water chapping on hands and feet, nourishing, toning and sloughing of dead surface skin. It is mixed into a thin paste applied and left to dry for about 10 minutes. I use it on my face, while I am in the bathtub, or sometimes I will apply it to my face and the top of my hands when I am at the computer. If you apply it to your entire body, you would want to allow yourself to have it on for about 10 minutes. The results are dramatic and usually you will see them after only one application. It can be used as a face, body or hand mask. 

I am almost goofy about my enthusiasm about these  products. I could see such a dramatic difference in my skin when I started using them. I will explain them as I use them.

 If you are used to a rich heavy moisture cream then I suggest you use the CELLULITE & FAT REDUCTION CREAM as a final moisturizer. It is a rich moisture cream, and I actually use it as well as the NIGHT MAGIC Herbal Inch loss gel on my chin and neck, it has taken away a very unattractive double chin. Needless to say I love that!

Before Bedtime feed your skin the best nourishment possible..

At night I use the Fountain of Youth Serum. It helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep.It has made my face glow and the skin appears so much younger since I added it to my routine. I love it. I tried it after seeing it on one of the Home Shopping shows. I was blown away by the changes it made in my skin so I went looking to see if I could carry it on the web sites for you. Aren't we lucky. Not only can I get it but I can also lower the price for you. How great it that?

Since I am going to be wearing a beautiful yellow bikini while I am in Mexico I want to be free of any excess fat and cellulite, so guess what I will be doing. You guessed it! Breathing a lot with LifeLift. I usually bump my LifeLift up before a trip like this. I want to feel great in my sun dresses and bathing suits, not to mention having lot's of energy to enjoy the adventures. The other thing I will do is continue to use my NIGHT MAGIC HERBAL GEL nightly and my cellulite and fat reduction cream daily. I am faithful to this regime, that way I don't have to "freak out" before a trip and I can relax and enjoy it.

Have a wonderful summer with your beautiful new "LifeLift Body" and your healthy new skin.


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