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I have allergies and a slight case of asthma. I get allergy shots for them and this is what I noticed when I was doing BF. I had trouble blowing into the peak flow meter (this checks my breathing levels to make sure my asthma is in check). I can't get my shots unless my levels are high enough. The harshness of the pah in BF caused me to cut off some of the air that needed to come out of my lungs especially while using the peak flow meter. I had to re-teach myself how to blow correctly into the meter so that I could get my shots. I stopped doing BF over a year ago and started doing LifeLift instead. The pah in LifeLift is so gentle and so relaxing, my air isn't being cut off anymore and my breathing levels are great when I go to get my shots. Have a great day! Love, Liz

I feel so much better after just going through your LifeLift tape one time - I have to say thank you. I'm an asthmatic and this didn't trigger an attack like all other forms of exercise have done. It doesn't hurt and it's so easy! Thank you for these videos and answering my questions. Sincerely, Traci

Dear Rashelle: Sue Engelman from Palm Harbor, FL introduced me to LifeLift while vacationing at our cottages. My thyroid had stopped and I was on medication for it due to about a 30 pound weight gain. I was puffy and chronically tired and had lower back problems. I was battling menopause and severe periods.

I began the breathing during the first day of my period and for the FIRST TIME in my life, my period went from 8 days to 2 days.

Without ever thinking about it, within 2 weeks I went from 3-4 cups of coffee per morning to one and I dropped 2 hours of needed sleep per night!

I lost inches and inches to the point friends and family noticed and asked to know about LifeLift.

2.5 weeks later I saw Sue again and she was amazed at how much I lost! Best of all my energy level is wonderful. I normally battle Sunlight Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) and have to take a anti-depressant thru the winter but have plenty of WELLBEING thru the breathing. I have asthma so vigorous exercising has never been an option for me. I have always enjoyed stretching and yoga since it is gentle on my lungs. Now coupled with LifeLift I can enjoy the benefits of both and I notice an improvement in my asthma. What a miracle this truly is. I hope every person who battles pain and fatigue and overweight issues find this to be the gentle answer to their troubles. THANK YOU! Sandra L. Brown

Another thing that I forgot to mention about LifeLift. I love the renewed energy that I am having. My kids are laughing at me. I actually find myself dancing around the house and singing! I love the energy I am getting. The only thing that I am doing different that would account for this new energy is LifeLift!

Thanks Rashelle! I would never have thought to do this if I hadn't learned how to do your breathing technique. I am really looking forward to your new videos. I want one using the bands and one for my kids. They do it with me now. My oldest has Asthma. She is unable to do BodyFlex because it causes her to go into a spasm. She had been doing Oxycise, but now she prefers LifeLift. ~K

After my last check-up, my blood pressure was 106 over 66. When asked by my physician if I was an athlete in training, my response was that my secret to great health and fitness is the LifeLift Aerobic Breathing Technique. It has immensely helped my asthma and has been a spiritual experience. I feel happy and grounded every time I do it. Lila Petersen Johnson, Mill Valley, CA

I just wanted to thank you for creating LifeLift. After my first session last night, I was hooked! After my second session this morning, I feel terrific! As a life long asthmatic, I've always stayed away from sports or exercising per se because I had such horrible lung capacity. I thought that breathing programs such as Body Flex or Oxycise would help and they did, to a degree, but I became bored with the programs and I quit. Needless to say, my asthma came back with a vengeance! After just one session with LifeLift I could tell that my lungs were growing stronger. I could hold my breath halfway through the video for the same amount of time as you were, without wheezing or pain. It's absolutely incredible!

Asthma wasn't my only reason for ordering LifeLift. I'd like to rid myself of ten to fifteen pounds, as well. I was a scrawny little kid, then became plump pre-teen, a very skinny teenager, and then, once college hit, I started battling the pounds. Fortunately, in the past twenty-four hours I feel as though my body is actually shrinking, a feeling that was intensified this morning after my second workout. I know that I'll lose the excess inches and pounds by faithfully doing LifeLift, especially since nothing else (weight training, swimming, tennis) has worked in the past. I have great faith in this program, largely in part because of you. I'm usually very skeptical of "exercise gurus," and yet you simply don't fit the bill. Your sincerity is apparent throughout the entire video. This is a very nice change from other workout videos. I also appreciate the fact that you have a much more gentle manner than seen in Body Flex.

All in all, I am completely ecstatic about this breathing program. Thank you once again, H.M. Taylor

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